Grade the Season 1 finale of '1923':


  • Rebecca Ashworth - 1 year ago

    Excitement, love and heartbreak. So flipping exciting to watch. Hopefully season 2 will bring more of the same. Maybe less heartbreak.
    This is the best TV in forever. Thank you Mr. Sheridan.
    How can you not love this story Can’t wait for what happens in Montana.

  • TS - 1 year ago

    This is a great show with magnificent actors! Just disappointed with the exploitation of the sex workers and violent sex scenes. Only a sick person would enjoy those. Ugh! I love the parallel story of the Native American girl on the run from the Catholic “school” and all its horrors. This is part of history that’s often neglected.

  • chynek - 1 year ago

    Did not like the finale with Spencer and Alexandra being seperated

  • William T Banyon - 1 year ago

    Taylor Sheridan has dropped off of the edge with too much time spent on sex and violence. Kingstown, 1923., and Yellowstone. He is drawing things out to far… he should have stopped when he was ahead. Was an avid fan of it all, but now won’t watch the next season of any of those. Success is a lethal poison. Even the big stars can’t save him now…. Booooo!

  • Kim Collins - 1 year ago

    Too many story lines to follow. They ate all good but too many

  • TC - 1 year ago

    What a waste of 8 hours - where did we get no where!

  • KZ - 1 year ago

    8 episodes and Spencer is nowhere near Montana. Way to drag it out.

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