Do you keep photos of your ex-boyfriends?

  • Lynda - 3 years ago

    Christie, I'm in the exact boat you're in! We've been together for two years(at exactly the point his divorce had finalized) and he still keeps her photos. He later accused me of deleting them(I didn't) and said that he "cannot erase his past". So, I'm now considering cancelling the upcoming wedding. I'm very accustomed to an independent lifestyle, so that's not the problem. I'm also feeling pissed that I've invested two years and realize he cannot get past his past. I don't keep photos of my ex. It's the past and disrespectful to the current partner. I'm getting the impression he cannot do this. He still brings her up all the time, especially when he's had a few drinks. I'm thinking of moving on and learning a valuable experience. The red flags you see at the beginning of the relationship are not necessarily going to change over time. Some individuals can't seem to move forward and I cannot work in reverse.

  • Christie - 5 years ago

    My fiancé has been married three times and had a friend he was very very close to. He has pictures EVERYWHERE.
    I keep telling him if the past is over and we have tomorrow together why does he keep these?? I'm not jealous I'm PISSED. If our life is about us than the past should not be kept in every possible place. I also have been married three times and those pictures are packed away at someone's house and my ex's are deceased!! His aren't. I'm afraid to commit thinking he cannot let go of his past ! Please, am I crazy??

  • arnold potter - 13 years ago

    My girlfriend's dad broke us up more than 50 years ago and even today I still dream about her and those are some precious dreams. She married a guy she met at the Univeersity of Alabama, has two children and even today I still can not get her to tell me why she threw away 3 1/2 years of my life after meeting him and seeing him for less than 9 months. I wish I could get her off my mind, it is driving me totally insane. I'd give half of my front seat in helll to be with her today. I am at the point of suicide in order to get her off my mind. I have never loved anyone like I loved her in my entire life!!

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