Are you more inclined to use Chrome now that it's officially out of beta?

  • Bodybuilding - 13 years ago

    ow that it's out of beta

  • TendencyDriven - 13 years ago

    I have been using Chrome since the original release on my Windows computer. But I am mostly a Linux user, I would love to have a Linux version of Chrome and I am sure many other people will as well.

  • dv84kix - 13 years ago

    I have been an avid user of Firefox because of it's speed as well as the widespread availability of add-ons that increase usability and personalization. While Chrome is fast and open-source, I do not like the idea of being so intimately connected to a giant corporation. I use gmail but the whole privacy issue is mitigated by the fact that I have Thunderbird as an intermediary. When I go on I am asked to enable cookies, which I am loath to do; I hate ads and spam. I also do not want my browsing habits to become part of a quasi-Nielsen rating metric, or, worse still, a Big Brother-esque survey of browsing habits. This will keep me from using any browser connected to any entity which uses the process of web use as a cash cow!

  • ISLAND TIME - 13 years ago

    Mac Please

  • dp - 13 years ago

    Ditto here. Already using it. Voted no.

  • Dman - 13 years ago

    i use ubuntu linux, and i want to see a version for linux

  • Jeff - 13 years ago

    THE QUESTION was ment for people WHO NEVER used Chrome not for people who are already using it , the answer is yes because programs in BETA tend to suck but now that is out of BETA the answer is YES

  • Ricochet - 13 years ago

    The Q is not clear enough mr Rafe. I use Chrome ocasionally & will keep using it that way until I get bored of my current browser...
    -where to tick? I'm with David on this one, particularly miss the mouse gestures.

  • zezo - 13 years ago


  • Full time Chrome User - 13 years ago

    Silly options. I use Chrome all the time and am not more likely to use Chrome now that it's out of beta - but the implication is that I will never use Chrome.

  • Rafe - 13 years ago

    I wrote this question. I realize that many people (10 million, if you believe Google) already have Chrome installed. But this question applies to them as well. Are you more likely to use Chrome on your PC now that it's out of beta? For those of you who are already using Chrome and for whom the outa-beta news makes no difference, the answer is No. That means that the beta tag, or lack of it, on Chrome doesn't matter to you. Question answered.

    For a deeper discussion on switching to Chrome, see the story, and poll, at

  • David - 13 years ago

    So technically, if you're already using Chrome, you're not MORE inclined to use you answer NO. Yeah I know, it makes it sound like you didn't/won't use chrome but hey, it answers the question.

    What I really wanted to comment was that I'll switch full time to chrome as soon as it has the extensibility of FF (adblock+, mouse gestures, no script, siteadvisor, delicious, etc.)

  • nicc - 13 years ago

    i agree with the above or below , whatever, been using chrome since day one , and LOVE it

  • Me - 13 years ago

    I was gonna say that.

  • TOm - 13 years ago

    Ditto Nate been using it since its initial beta release and will continue.

  • Scotty B - 13 years ago

    Ditto here. Already using it.

  • Nate - 13 years ago

    What Paul said. I'm not more inclined to use Chrome after it's out of beta because I've been using it since it was first released. I'm exactly as inclined to use it now as I was a week ago...

  • Paul Ogier - 13 years ago

    This is a stupid poll. You are implying by the question that we aren't using Chrome. You either need to have more options or phrase the question differently.

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