Which of the following best reflects your opinion of drivers watching videos or otherwise using handheld screens while driving?


  • Mason ward - 1 year ago

    I'll admit I have done it...... Sorta. I have occasionally put something on YouTube and placed the phone in an area where I can't see the screen, just have the sound streaming through the radio while I listen. To me it's just like using Sirius or listening to an audiobook. I would NEVER actually watch the screen over the road.

  • Loudpipes66 - 1 year ago

    I see it dozens of times a night on I-81/I-78 in Pa. It's a sad shift in the culture of drivers. I truly believe the reason the driver culture is so bad, is because years ago everyone was out here because they wanted to be out here driving trucks. It was a choice, a lifestyle that you lived and breathed. Sadly today that is a very small amount of the drivers out here. Most are out here because they have to be, they can't do anything else but drive a truck. Look how many foreigners(not all are of them are included in this statement) are driving these mega fleet trucks, worse yet the ones held together with zip ties and duck tape that look like it could fall apart any second. Do you really think they are out here because they chose this profession/lifestyle? Hell no they are out here because for one reason or another they have to be out here. They are upset that this is their life and they don't care about anyone but themselves.

  • Titanium Man - 1 year ago

    Any CDL Driver careless enough to watch a movie while driving any type of vehicle should be banned from possessing a CDL License. PERIOD !

    It’s dangerous enough over the road already, with careless drivers, dangerous weather conditions, and road construction to contend with.

  • Patrick Louis-Jean - 1 year ago

    A driver doesn't have any business watching movie video while driving. If one needs to entertain self, stop driving. I would inform the appropriate authority to stop a potential crime

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