Do you think rail service will ever be restored on Vancouver Island?


  • AJ - 1 year ago

    They hummed and hawed too long.. once again the island loses another gem. Pretty soon we will turn into another “spot” on the map and there will be nothing special about this town. Home of the nearly dead lives up to its name!

  • Ron - 1 year ago

    The die was cast the day they took out the train station down town ,, now giving the train line rights of way away is the final nail in the coffin . This provincial government is speaking about the matter out of both sides of their mouths , as usual . I’m afraid it’s game over , the tracks have been left to decay . I guess it just wasn’t a good idea like bike lanes , the green bikes , the bridge , flop houses , and the government allowing our most in danger people to die on the street , shame shame

  • Hmmm - 1 year ago

    Too late now but what an enormous opportunity for San Francisco style team running up to Campbell River and back to Victoria daytime and freight at night.
    Donee right communities would welcome the many benefits of tourism, ease of travel, less congestion on roads, the list goes on even if some route changes are needed to have every concern and conditions met no matter the cost.
    It sounds typical though, all the route laid out for success, literally, and politics drags its but so nothing gets done.
    Extinction of rail, because if it goes it won’t come back.

  • Ian Te Kampe - 1 year ago

    I seriously don’t think the rail system is going to work out.
    Call me maybe.

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