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Do you prefer flat or curved displays? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 3,715

  • Teng, SH - 1 year ago

    I have a Pixel 7 pro but I prefer a flat screen.

  • Bruce - 1 year ago

    Curved screens are the most useless smartphone gimmick ever. I have yet to find any benefit to them, and many drawbacks. My first phone with a curved screen was the OnePlus 7t pro 5G McLaren. I hadn't thought about the screen when I bought it, and just accepted the curved screen as that's just the way high end phones are made. I basically loved everything about the device except that curve. Unintended touches on the sides, glare from overhead lighting while watching content in landscape orientation, and finding a decent case we're the biggest issues. I'm clumsy, so I like bulky rugged cases where ALL edges of the case protrude above the screen. After that device, I decided I would never get another curved screen phone. I violated my own idea the next year, when a good deal on a OnePlus 8Pro came up, and I really wanted that device for it's other specs and the deal.

    I did buy one more curved screen this year, when I bought a Pixel 7 Pro. I wanted the specs of the Pro, but was planning on buying the regular 7, just because of the screen. While at the store, I saw both models side by side and realized the reviews of the 7 Pro were correct, and the pro model this year had a more "subdued" curve than previous models. With less curve, I got the 7 Pro. The decreased curve made the device more tolerable. I also found a case that worked well for me, the Falcon model from Encased. The case covers the phone well, even along the sides, and with the exception of the most small elements at the extreme edges of the screen, functionality is fine.

    Despite being content with the Pixel 7Pro in the Falcon case, it would still be my preference to never see a curved screen in my future.

  • Jackie Boy - 1 year ago

    Richard is right. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. Flat screen all the way.

  • Richard - 1 year ago

    Curved edges are a nightmare when it comes to tempered glass screen protectors. The juice isn't worth the squeeze.

  • Felix - 1 year ago

    Flat is best. Although I once owned a phone with a curved glass screen that I loved. The Galaxy Nexus S. It had a concave curve from top to bottom. Banana phone style although very subtle.

  • Jon kujawa - 1 year ago

    Curved I think at some point cool and trendy. The luster has wore off and flat is the best. Especially with screen guards.

  • Wayne Tarapilli - 1 year ago

    Curved would be OK if app designers would stop putting "Buttons" near the edge of the screen. Sometimes I need to try 4-5 times to hit a button on a curved screen before I get the action to work.

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