Which of the following Stargate: Universe supporting characters has the potential to be the next big break-out Stargate Fan Favorite?

  • Luis - 12 years ago

    Dont know any of them...who gives a crap!!!!!!!

  • Kermode - 12 years ago

    None of them will, it will be more of the same unimaginative rubbish which keeps the producers in the overpaid lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

  • green - 12 years ago

    What happened to Ron/Psycho, Jared, Eli, Chloe, Tamara, and Everett? Oh, Science Fiction spoiler articles, you have disappointed me again!

    Since I can't vote for the subtle, yet effective, "Psycho" nicknamed Ron I'll go for "Franklin." Wasn't he a bear in a children's program and/or book?

  • Narelle from Aus - 12 years ago

    Is this the network's more cost effective way of performing market analysis?

    I wanted to hedge my bets, but damn it I could only choose one, so I closed my eyes and clicked. Brody it is! Sounds like someone who will be called upon by announcing "Yo! Brody Man.", then he whips out his anti-gravitational surfboard and rides on the back of the Destiny on some wicked sub-space waves. **nods to self at the potential of this storyline**

  • Robin - 12 years ago

    I'm going with Wray, simply because I assume he's named after Mr. Douglas. I mean, what girl doesn't love a guy who blows sh*t up with such glee?

  • grapesofwraith - 12 years ago

    It HAS to be Brody, obviously. Fist Jaws, then seaQuest, then Stargate. Brody's gonna be the next favorite!

  • Ann-Marie Sloan - 12 years ago

    My money is on Brody!!! Can't wait to watch the show and see!!!

  • Zazu - 12 years ago

    LOL... you have no info on the people just the name... but the name paints an image still doesn't. I do this to my friends when ever I start a new story... I so get it.

  • ytimynona - 12 years ago

    MY guess is either Riley or Wray, but since I could only vote for one of them, Riley was my bet!!!

  • Jinx - 12 years ago

    Totally uneducated guess.

    I just thought the name "Riley" had the most potential. Besides, I'm already a huge Matt Reilly fan, so there's that "familiarity" thing going.

  • Siba - 12 years ago

    Where can I get more information on these people??

  • Shirt'n'Tie - 12 years ago

    Hey there Mr M!

    I voted for Henry because I feel the did such a great job on THE TUDORS...Wait..hang on...is this an early cross-over ep with THE TUDORS? Or maybe I should vote for Sherriff Brody..he did such a great job with that shark you know....


  • Chelle - 12 years ago

    I chose Franklin...I like the turtle! Otherwise, I have no idea who these characters are so how can I vote accurately!

  • riley - 12 years ago

    Oh, man - it *has* to be riley, of course. Joe, make my day and tell me riley's female!

  • talkymoss - 12 years ago

    who are these people? why do i care?

  • Cheshil - 12 years ago

    Riley. It'll save us the "Ray vs. Wray" debates I'm sure will pop up.

  • PG15 - 12 years ago

    Wray FTW!

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