Grade the 'Way Home' Season 1 finale:


  • J patt - 8 months ago

    What if Elliot goes back to 1814 to help, they all get trapped there because the pond is frozen? Maybe the old Kat was his wife. Interesting that the men may remember more than the women from the past. Kat did not remember going back to the fair, until the bike left at the fair in the location of the newspaper photo. She said “ I was here”. She rode the bike to that location. I am from Boston and every witch story was mostly a stranger with perceived clairvoyance…sounds like a time traveler to me. The women don’t seem to remember/recall. Colton was maybe also more insightful and healing to the next time frame of the future.
    Looking forward to what the writers come up with… back in time.

  • Barb - 8 months ago

    I’ve never seen anything like this show -the uniqueness of it and the acting is mesmerizing. So happy there is a second season, as I can’t imagine it just ending without more closure on Jacob’s disappearance, especially. Perhaps I may be the only one who feels this way, but I don’t see Kat and Elliot together beyond a truly deep friendship. Something is missing there for it to be more. We shall see….

  • Valentine - 8 months ago

    To be honest since the beginning I had the suspicion that Jacob somehow fell in the pond, because everything hinted to it. The fact that it seems that every family member has the power of time travelling, there was no body found or any hints indicating that he got kidnapped. Now the question is, who is the one of Kat's parents that inherited it. I am hinting on Kat's dad. There was just so much going on with him, also I don't think that Kat's mother knows anything. The dog is always the one, making the time travelling somehow possible and can time travel himself, which leads me to think that maybe the dog is like an old family member. Jacob clearly left clues for Kat or Alice to find, which took a while. This leads me to think, that Kat's dad was soo close to find Jacob. I feel bad for Eliot and I totally understand that he is hurting. I just wish, that he finds his way, with or without Kat. The dog introduced Alice to the pond, but Alice's story seems to end in the past. It is Kat's story to discover. Alice surely helped but the focus is on Kat.

    All in all, FANTASTIC series!

  • Stefanie - 8 months ago

    I really enjoyed the series, especially the time travel and interplay of the characters in the different time periods. I was really looking forward to the finale so I could see how all the loose ends got tied up…but then it ended so abruptly! I had no idea there was a second season planned! So I am glad about the second season. When Alice was singing the song at the Roxy, I thought Del might start to remember her from all those years ago. And I also thought that when Del went to the grief group, the woman running it might have told her that Colton used to come with a young woman, and Del might realize that was the woman she saw at Colton’s funeral (even if she didn’t realize it was Kat). But, nadda. Can’t wait for Season 2!

  • Connie - 8 months ago

    The finale was great and I have been hooked on this show since it started. I am a little confused on why Del wouldn't have remembered that the lady at the funeral looked a lot like her daughter when they were talking about it in the present time. Also, is it possible that there is more of a link between Elliott and Bryron? They are both going on a path to a new chapter? Is it possible Byron is Elliott in the future and Elliott is going to jump in the pond as well? I could be completely wrong. Can NOT WAIT for season 2.

  • D’ Ann - 8 months ago

    I thought the finale was great and expected a cliffhanger because all shows do that when they’re continuing on for a second season. I think it really pulled together everything that has been going on since the very first episode. I really like watching the family members interact and start to get to know each other again and I love watching Alice with both of her grandparents. I am really excited for the second season! Please tell the viewers when the next season will start!!

  • Dana - 8 months ago

    What an amazing fun series. We really enjoyed all the twists and turns the show had and it kept us guessing and trying to figure it out right up to the end. Just wish Alice had just told Del that the woman she saw crying at the funeral was her Mom. It would have fit in and made Del feel less upset at Colton, thinking he had been having an affair when he hadn’t.
    So excited about Season 2 and finding Jacob. Great job by all the cast and writers!

  • Dorothy - 8 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE this show and I thought the finale was incredible! I loved it so much, I recorded it and immediately watched it a second time as soon as it was over. I love the characters, the music…. It made me cry when Alice sang her grandpa’s song on stage and saw the look on her grandmother’s face. What a beautiful moment that really tugged at my heart strings! I also loved that Del is warming up and not being so “cold” - and has really changed throughout the season as she has interacted with her daughter and granddaughter. I loved the last scene where the three of them were sitting around the table together talking and you could see how much happier Del is at the end of the season compared to the beginning of the season. Having her family back home with her is something she has needed for a very long time. I can hardly wait for season two!!!!

  • Jilly Carissimi - 8 months ago

    First I had no idea there would be a second season. Therefore I couldn't wait to see what the end would be and what all this meant because I thought it was so fascinating! The whole concept was so very interesting and different then most tv stories. So when it ended like that so abruptly and quick, quite frankly I was totally ticked off!! I though REALLY!! That's it?? Very disappointed. So I immediately looked to see if there were comments about it and then see there is another season. So now I feel excited to see it. But I really think it should have been clear there was a season 2. It was very well done and the cast was excellent!!

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