Grade 'The Way Home' Season 1 overall:


  • Kathy Coker - 8 months ago

    I was very confused by the ending. Not very satisfying. Why would he go back to 1814 and never travel back? I suspected he had jumped in the pond many episodes ago but this was not the scenario I imagined. Acting is incredible. All the characters are likable except Alice’s Dad.

  • Carol N - 8 months ago

    My husband and I loved this series. But we get to the ending and didn't understand it at all. So I came on this site for an explanation. We didn't know there was going to be a season 2. So now it makes sense and I'm anxiously awaiting the next season!

  • Gale M. Bailey - 8 months ago

    This was a complete waste of time for me. I learned way back in the seventies that I did not like time travel historical romance books. But I like Andie McDowell and decided to give this story a go. I kept thinking "this is going to get better"-"next week will be better". But, nope, it did not. I'm a wrap it all up in the end kind of gal and the ending of this made me actually very angry!
    Ending was like an old Alfred Hitchcock movie!
    And I didn't know at first that there would be a second season but I won't be back next year.
    Fool me once and all that. Thanks for listening-
    See ya!

  • Diana - 8 months ago

    I was disappointed by the finale. I wanted more answers. It seems too far fetched that Kat is a witch now from the past. You lost me. ????

  • T H Smith - 8 months ago

    Awesome show & I found myself hooked from the very first episode. I have all the episodes on the DVR so will be watching it all over again. Love the mystery of all the time traveling & I feel Del knows all about the powers of the pond. I was shocked to see Elliot end it all with Kat since he's been in love with her for so many years. I can't wait for season 2. I'm sure people will want it to be in re-runs. This is the best show on TV ! Thank you Hallmark for such a terrific show. And please bring back The Good Witch.

  • J Patt - 8 months ago

    I have been obsessed each week, trying to find clues and figure out what will occur in the next episode. I agree that the acting has been excellent. After Kat walked Jacob home from the fair, I was sure he followed her to the pond, watched her jump in and followed or fell in. I am excited if this go further back in time as I loved the historical essence of When Calls the Heart. Who knows, maybe Kat and Elliot are together in 1814? He always seemed too accepting of helping the women, maybe he has been in the pond also.

  • LA Bates - 8 months ago

    What a wonderful interview! I've actually never seen a show with Chyler Leigh before but her acting is so ... authentic ... especially in comparison to what I am used to seeing on TV. She is extremely talented! I can't believe we have to wait until next year to continue this journey.

  • D’ Ann - 8 months ago

    This is by far my favorite show on television right now. I am always complaining to my family that there is never anything to watch on tv anymore, and I get so bored with the garbage on tv that I seldom can sit through an entire show. Enter this new series, and all that changed. I am completely obsessed!! There is so much I love about this show that I can’t possibly list everything. But I love the farm and country life, the family theme, the flashbacks to teen years and time gone by and learning to live with regrets and accept past mistakes. This is the best thing to happen on tv in a very very long time. Kudos to you Hallmark! We need more shows like this! It not only keeps my interest but I am literally excited waiting for each and every episode!!!

  • dvikib - 8 months ago

    I could not understand what Kat said at the end when she jumped into the pond.
    I had to put on closed captioning and rewind to see “I’ll be back for you Jacob I promise.”
    I enjoyed the series very much.

  • Dorothy - 8 months ago

    I’m not a big TV watcher but I saw this advertised over the holiday season on Hallmark so I thought I’d check it out and see how it was. I have to say I am totally addicted to this show! I am NEVER one to record shows and wait in anticipation for the next episode but this is exactly what I have been doing since I first watched this in January. I laugh, I cry, I relive my younger years…. I love looking back at the styles, the music of the 90s etc. I really love the family theme and how the three women interact with each other and have started to form a stronger bond as the season progressed. They are starting to learn how to work through the grief and forgive each other for all the hurts and mistakes of the past. I think this show is phenomenal and I am thankful to Hallmark for having such a great family show on weekly!! I can hardly wait until the next season! Meanwhile I’m planning to start over and watch each episode again over the next few weeks and see if I can catch any hints watching it a second time. Thank you Hallmark!! I cannot say enough good things about this show!!!

  • PES - 8 months ago

    I hate cliffhangers. I think they are a lazy way to end a season, episode or.........

  • J. Williams - 8 months ago

    I agree totally with the comment above by A Tyler: I also thought the ending was abrupt--didn't quite get it--and overall acting, however is top shelf. Not knowing that there will be a Season 2, the ending came too fast to make sense of and it seemed like they were in a hurry to finish by a deadline and just threw stuff together just to get it done. I wanted to understand what had been written in the book that gave Kat the idea about what happened to Jacob, but it just went by too fast to read or understand. This whole scenario was pivotal to the whole plot about Jacob's disappearance, and it could have been longer to let the viewer absorb this new information and feel the excitement about getting to the truth of the matter. I felt short-changed by the ending of what was otherwise an outstanding production. Looking forward to Season 2.

  • A Tyler - 8 months ago

    I thought the ending was abrupt.

    And I didn’t quite get it.

    Overall acting, however is top shelf.

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