Let us know if you are ready for the digital transition

  • WCNY - 11 years ago

    In response to mr. clark.
    We are broadcasting in both digital and analog and will continue analog until June 12th.

  • WCNY - 11 years ago

    Several of the comments are in regard to our channel 59 translator in utica. That is broadcasting on analog channel 59, and will continue to broadcast in analog after the transition.

    we will be converting this translator to digital on channel 22, some time in the next 12 months, as soon as we can work out the details. the FCC has granted us a license for that frequen cy.
    We will post this information in the utica newspapers and on our website, and over the air when we are close to converting this channel.

    Until then, you can watch the channel 59 translator on a regular tv using the same antenna you have used in the past.

  • Wilbur M. Clark - 11 years ago

    Just want to know if you are now broadcasting with both digital and analog signals, and if so, will this continue to June 12th

  • Diane Berry - 11 years ago

    I got a converter box and antenna. Most other channels came in- WCNY and one other did not, although I got them analog. How can I get WCNY over the air? I live in Utica, Cornhill section (high).

  • LD - 11 years ago

    I just hooked up my new DTV. I do not subscribe to cable or satellite, but use an antenna. I live in North Utica. Now I cannot get either the WCNY digital or analog stations. Well, I can sometimes tune in the analog station, but it is a very poor signal and the sound quality is worse. (It wasn't great with my old analog TV, but I could generally get something) I don't get the WCNY digital stations at all. I do get the other local DTV and analog stations, so the problem is not with the TV. I have tried (for hours) adjusting the antenna, with little result. Hooray for DTV! Now what?

    Would a power-boosted antenna be of any help? If so , what do you recommend (more dollars--hooray again.) I do NOT want to get a rooftop antenna.

    Sorry for the snarky tone, but this is a real disappointment after going to the expense of upgrading my TV.

  • Susan Smith - 11 years ago

    I connected my analog TV to a digital converter box last night. I get ABC, NBC, CBS (and the local affiliates in Utica, NY). But, I can no longer get WCNY! Now what do I do? I do not have cable - and that's not going to happen. I have another TV that I must still hook to a converter box. It's a newer TV than the one already connected. I don't think I'll receive WCNY on that one, either. So, how do I get your TV station. I hate missing News Hour, Ivory Tower, McLaughlin, Gwen Ifill...

    Sue Smith

  • Kevin Sio - 11 years ago

    I put my convertor box in last week and I have had a consistant problem with WCNY. When it is windy, the signal strength fades in and out leading to drop outs and blockiness. My very unscientific observation is that of all the local stations I can get WCNY is the worst when it comes to this. We have always noticed that a windy night means poor WCNY reception. Do you have a suggestion. Thanks.

  • AV - 12 years ago

    Where I live, I will no longer be able to get WCNY when analog goes off the air. I have a digtal TV and an antenna, but no access to cable or dish due to my location. When I checked out the opportunities to me after the Feb. change over... there are none! I am very sad that I will no longer be able to enjoy Public TV. It is the only thing worth watching. I guess I will be doing a lot more reading!
    I will miss you very much.

  • Katie B - 12 years ago

    I have a new hdtv and new hd antenna, new coax, router, booster: Analog comes in as usual. Haven't been able to get digital channels. What's up?

  • WCNY - 12 years ago

    In response to P8riotic Chick:
    As far as cable goes, you are right. You do not have to do anything. You will continue to receive WCNY on cable.

    To use a converter box, you need to use an antenna which will feed the converter box. It will not work with cable. You will need one converter box for each television that uses an antenna. You could feed other tv's with one converter box using a splitter, but you would have to watch the same program on all the tv's.

  • Smarty - 12 years ago

    I think if people know how to navigate your wonderfull website, they’re already smart enough to be prepared for the DTV transition.

  • P8riotic Chick - 12 years ago

    I have a tv that is not digital, but is connected to Time Warner Cable. I don't think I have to do anything, right? I have a converter box, can I get more channels attaching it to my tv through the cable where the cable service comes into the house? I have a splitter there for quite a few tvs. Thanks!

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