Would improved transit service encourage you to commute by bus?


  • CF86 - 2 months ago

    Between the cost of a bus pass or $5 a day if you don't have a bus pass to ride a over loaded bus and be packed in like a sardines in a can and the bus can't even use the air bags to raise the vehicle back up to driving height and they keep packing more people on I have been on the bus when it is over loaded and the drivers have had to slam on the brakes and everyone gets thrown forward and trampled on (extremely dangerous) I will always choose to drive my car with heated leather seats where I always get to sit and don't have to worry about some dangerously over packed bus that is probably going to be late anyways. Every time our government says they will improve something it ends up being worse than before because this is Canada and we will plan for yesterday tomorrow

  • JP - 2 months ago

    If it meant work or the bus , then bus ,

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