How long will you breastfeed your baby?

  • Raquel - 12 years ago

    I breastfed my daughter until she was 4 1/2. It was a lovely experience and she nursed in public. I did purchase several nursing outfits during that time that made it so easy and natural. I do have a concern about all the notes about being discreet, my question is if this is so natural why do you have to be so discreet? I traveled to Costa Rica when I was nursing, and I felt so relieved that it was the norm to breastfeed in public. This was not an issue. Women did expose their breasts to nurse and everything look so natural like the way is supposed to be.

  • Bonnie - 12 years ago

    I breast fed my daughter for three years and my son for one year. I was on active duty military for both.That was thirty years ago. My daughter breastfed both of her two babies. My sister breastfed her two boys, also thirty years ago. Our Mom breastfed us briefly, which was over 60 years ago. Breastfeeding is best and affordable for everyone,Moms and babies. I would not change a thing. It made me closer to my children, then and now.I remember breastfeeding my girlfriends baby when she couldn't. That was different. Young Moms, be discreet. Ask for a booth or a corner table. Get a sweater or scarf or shawl or jacket. The less we make it public, the less attention it will get. We don't want city councils to legislate in this very private process. We need to be able to do for our babies the best we can, but not in the front row of a venue/restaurant/where ever. Our country has so many other major problems, please focus on those. With families facing major financial difficulties, Moms need to be able to breastfeed because formula might be too expensive. I never bought it but I know it is pricey. Please, don't be offended by this very natural, loving act.

  • marlyn stokes - 12 years ago

    my mother brest fed me until age three she told me. until now i thought maybe that was a little odd. but now I see that she was no different than other women. i am now 60 years old this past january, i fill that I am healthier from gods natural milk and mom was happy she said that she had so much brest milk that she was feeding her nieces and nephews neighbors and friends!!!!! Im probably exagerating some, but she did say that she had a lot of milk. so that was a good thing. Breast feeding in public is okay as long as like some one commented, if the woman is covered up and does it discreetly not like an animal. because it is a NATURAL process.

  • Valerie - 12 years ago

    Nursed both of mine until they were 3.5 years old. I couldn't take it after that.

  • lady m - 12 years ago

    Breastfeeding is what God gave us boobs for. Babies are healthier and bond quicker. It is o.k. to feed wherever you are as long as you cover with something. I breast fed 2 boys and it is a wonderful experience.

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