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Are you using ChatGPT or other AI tools at least daily for work-related tasks? (Poll Closed)

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  • Ed Rodgers - 1 year ago

    Use it many times daily… “softening” emails, getting ideas for games to play with my kids on road trips, taking an outline of a concept and transforming it many ways, recently I had it write me up instructions to use MS Forms to perform my own self 360 review.

    It angered me when I asked it to rank the top Super Bowl halftime acts and it had Prince at #4. That’s why it’s still imperfect :)

  • Richard Larimer - 1 year ago

    emails, LinkedIn articles, Marketing ideas, remember Chat GPT data source is a little dated. GPT-4 much more powerful but not readily available to typical consumer.

  • Michael Burke - 1 year ago

    The applications around bringing junior engineers up-to-speed are incredible.

  • Bob - 1 year ago

    I desperately want to. So .... planning stages?

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