Grade 'Ted Lasso' Season 3, Episode 6:


  • Ellis Cugat - 1 year ago

    Loved the Rebecca and Man with No Name part, didn't want it to end with her walking away!! Am so glad Zava and Shandie are gone, didn't like either. Not certain what I think of Jack & Keeley....yet.

  • Kglo411 - 1 year ago

    Hands down the most brilliant episode yet! I’ve watched five times since it dropped Tuesday. It rivals the Season 2 Christmas episode. Hope we’ll see Matteo again, too!

  • Teresa - 1 year ago

    Just watched it for the second time - excellent!! Rivals my favorite, the Christmas episode from season 2. I loved ALL of the different storylines and look forward to seeing where they go.

  • Calum Cameron - 1 year ago

    Hands down one of the best episode of the series. It was so refreshing to see the cast in roles other than involved with the football club either on the pitch or in the front office. A preview that I read indicated that there'd be less focus on playing football and more emphasis on relationships during Season 3. Wasn't sure whether I'd enjoy that or not but have since become firmly convinced that this is exactly what was needed to better understand each cast member's character as well as the esprit de corp of the ensemble!

  • Ali - 1 year ago

    I loved diversity o the table. New plot twist. New players. Solid positive acceptance. All of it. Especially: Trent No name guy, Jamie

  • Barbara Lee - 1 year ago

    I loved that It went deeper into the characters. I also loved that Rebecca finally found a great good looking guy her own age. He is gorgeous by the way. I hope they build on this and that they wind up together with a child or two.

  • Carol - 1 year ago

    I loved the reflective nature if it. I learned a lot about the characters but I also have so many questions. I really loved Roy learning to ride a bike!!!!!

  • Lisa Chouinard - 1 year ago

    The only good part was the bike teaching part. The other parts were really boring and stupid.

  • Tina jeffery - 1 year ago

    I enjoyed the episode. I think there's a lot of foreshadowing re Ted returning home.

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