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Would you take $10,000 to never buy another Android phone? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 4,982

  • John - 4 months ago

    Yes, because then I will have an excuse not to own and use a phone! And the money will be a nice addition.

  • Jacob - 5 months ago

    I just bought an Xperia for $1k so no but I also would not switch out of principle. I like the idea that android gives you freedom of choice which gives me a sense of ownership over my own hardware and software theoretically. Of course both ecosystems are limited to customization to a point but, android still takes the cake and has improved a lot since I switched 9 years ago.

  • John P - 5 months ago

    I have an Android now with an IR blaster that I use regularly... So not a chance in hell.
    Also.. I can put my icons where I want, while listening to my plugged in my headphones.
    Rocket science levels of design.

  • Don Hallmark - 5 months ago

    I'd definitely take the 10 grand. The first thing I'd do would be to use part of it to buy my new iPhone. I was a Windows phone enthusiast for years so I can get used to anything.

  • Peter W - 5 months ago

    I mean, iOS and other platforms are fine, I just prefer Android, and I'm pretty well invested into the ecosystem. I could give it up for a permanently life-changing amount of money, which $10K really isn't. $10K wouldn't go much beyond wiping out current debts and deferred needs.

  • Matt - 5 months ago

    It's not as much as it seems, at least for younger users. If I am to use phones for 40 more years and replace them every 2 years, then that's 20 phones, and my interest on the 10k will not keep up wih inflation.
    Still, I voted yes, because I switched to Android for the price/value of the pixel a-series, and $500/phone seemed enough to compensate.
    I would lose my work profile and call screening, so maybe I would not switch now that I think about it?

  • Cameron varner - 5 months ago

    After going from Android to apple 4 years ago. Apple products are way better I am currently using a android because my xr got broke and I will not switch back to android they are trash

  • mctaboo - 5 months ago

    I would kill myself outta frustration.. I always get so angry when I use that stupid illogical software.. I used to have iPhones till iphone5 and I can't go back especially now after the fold.

  • Cribble2k - 5 months ago


    Apple is overrated. Only poor people would accept this offer.

  • Joshua - 5 months ago

    Never...that won't even last me a year. Please that's almost an insult.

  • Dave - 5 months ago

    I have to help my wife with her iPhone sometimes, and after a few minutes of suffering through Apple's self-crippled OS, I'm ready to pull my hair out. My sanity is worth more than $10k.

  • Robert Villers - 5 months ago

    Yes I would... hook it up... I'm down for it.. don't believe me.. email me... I'm 100% for real...

  • Sharon - 5 months ago

    I have a work phone that is iOS that I got so I could help users if they have problems at work....4 1/2 years later and I am still wishing it would D-I-E so I could move to Android. Thankfully my personal one is android!

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