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How would you grade your in-person attendance of HIMSS23? (Poll Closed)

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  • David Foster - 1 year ago

    Good point in the comment above about equity getting short shrift at HIMSS compared to the unfortunately named "Techquity" movement at ViVE/HLTH. One of the messages in the video at the beginning of the HIMSS keynote on Digital Transformation and Health Equity said something like "there's lots of talk about health equity." Just talk? What about action? Freudian slip?

    In contrast, I was inspired by the GE HealthCare Equality Lounge with Female Quotient, HIT Like a Girls and a "Women Walk the Floor Tour". But this is a vendor, not the host of the symposium.

    Also, there were several sessions on health equity. Each one I attended was packed. Attendees definitely are interested in learning more about this aspect of health care improvement. As the other commentor stated, the programming needs to be better organized so people can get involved.

  • Anonymous User - 1 year ago

    1. Considering how much effort goes into planning this event, how many miles attendees walk over the course of 5 days, the food & water situation was frustrating all week. I didn't have a hot meal until Wednesday night.

    2. The silence on issues plaguing our country that directly tie into healthcare was disappointing, including the diminishing access to women's healthcare across the U.S., the most vulnerable populations (trans & queer community), racism, and gun violence. These conversations should be front & center, not happening off in a corner.

    3. Global Health Equity Network sure sounds big. Why did they make space for only 35 people to show up for each group, and make little to no effort into promoting their meetups? 10 people showed up for each group: Women in HIT, LGBTQIA community, African American, Latinx, and Indigenous Peoples... and have each of these groups compete with one another, as if someone couldn't be a part of multiple groups. Considering 35,000 people attended, they missed out on a huge opportunity.

    Lots of posturing, as usual. Considering HIMSS now has major competition that embraces change, progress, and a sense of belonging for all groups, I'm sad to say the word that summarizes the event for me: Stale.

  • Interop Now - 1 year ago

    HIMSS has to improve the food and water options, as well as better promote/give mainstage time to their health equity sessions, to compete with other conferences.

  • Anonymous User - 1 year ago

    It was reminiscent of the pre-COVID HIMSS of old. However, I found the Keynotes left me wanting for inspiration. I was able to see some very good session, presentations and meet with some smart people to find my own path to inspiration!

  • BG Jones - 1 year ago

    As an attendee it was a great opportunity to meet with our technology partners and customers.

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