Do you think that Mexico will elect a woman president in 2024?


  • G3.Baker - 1 year ago

    I've been told by MX politicial analysts that the Army would not accept orders from a woman. which raises the question about the Army's ability to influence the outcome of the 2024 (and subsequent) elections.

  • AJ - 1 year ago

    Hopefully not. It's not that i specifically despise Sheinbaum for being a woman, I despise her for all the things she has failed to do to address the real problems we do face in our day go day lives.

    I'm a PRIist Cardenista until my dying days but if any of the Morenistas is gonna win I hope Ebrard nabs the Presidency, simply because he's a damn good politician who knows how to work efficiently.

  • Aaron - 1 year ago

    It's pretty astonishing how well the Morena party has done in Mexico -- first became a party in 2014 and by 2018 had secured the presidency, then quickly after had a super-majority in Congress. Could you imagine a new third party doing that in the US? It just couldn't happen in our billionaire-funded system. I definitely think a woman could win the presidency; Sheinbaum represents a continuation of AMLO's policies and philosophy probably more than any other candidate, which have been very popular for good reason. Watch out for the super-peso though -- with investments continuing to pour in, and politicians that actually care about people winning elections, Mexico's fortunes are looking up while the US's are going down, down, down

  • GG - 1 year ago

    Mexico is not ready. The machismo rules.
    When Mexico wakes up. They will vote for a woman.
    We actually need a woman to bring order Snd respect

  • Brad Boner - 1 year ago

    I don't feel one way or another on this poll question. Politics will surprise; that's all I know. True that former presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon saw their better halves take a stab at the presidency but both honeybuns went nowhere. This woman does seem to be more the political animal than those other two.

    We'll soon see. I will say that Mexico remains a pro-Macho society. Men know it and most women want it. There is some order and shelter in that. A run-through the country quickly shows you. Mexican women may not be as submissive as the stereotype would indicate, however. They are down-home realists out in the provinces. City women may be another thing altogether. Party with the conniving Big Boys and you see an opening. Perhaps this Sheinbaum woman will take her shot. Being mayor of the country's capital city means something. And we've had them elsewhere in the world - Thatcher in England, Meir in Israel, Gandhi in India, Eva Peron in Argentina, Merkel in Germany.

    We're talking about rag-ass human beings. Smart, educated women do have the cops to be good (or bad) politicians, for, after all, what is politics if not just an opportunity to re-arrange bedroom furniture. The poor, working proletariat will endure all of this and keep doing their Life Impulse. Big Time politics is a rough, tough sport, so we'll see about this potential president.

    It shouldn't matter. Mexico's Congress is another mangrove swamp to be navigated. By all appearances, the semi-attractive Ms. Sheinbaum seems to have the thighs and legs to go for it. Sex-addicted Expats have no naked dog in this fight. They should keep walking their cherry lemonade out into the patio after an afternoon with the sex toy. You're here to relax and enjoy, not to go stupid and opine on serious Mexican political matters as if you really care. You know you don't.

    Keep on chooglin'.

    Boner out...

  • Simon Kernahan - 1 year ago

    I think this is less about gender and more about attitude and personality. If you have a good mix of ambition, are open-minded and willing to try to find a solution that works for most voters and if you can motivate and inspire, then you will probably be a good candidate. Whether you will be successful is a different question and depends on all the other variables that make governing a country so difficult.
    Having said that, I believe the right woman candidate can help sustainable economic development and strengthen democracy and human rights in Mexico, but she also needs to take a strong stand not just against macho attitudes but also with the US whose domestic policies e.g. on prescriptive drugs and on guns fuel the narcotics trade and cause much harm and suffering on both sides of the border.
    Whether male or female, the next Mexican president has a tough job and needs to be a savvy and compassionate bridge-builder rather than the self-serving, ignorant populists we‘ve seen in a lot of democratic countries over the last 5 years.
    I’m hoping the younger generation don’t fall for slogans and test candidates capacity to deliver solutions that bring progress for the majority. Viva Mexico!

  • Werner - 1 year ago

    Unfortunately women Presidents have failed in many countries, their is really no guarantee that woman are better leaders!

  • J. Kuban - 1 year ago

    I believe it is possible that the people of this great country can vote a woman as their next President. The changes in our modern society, I believe if the people advocate for a female President, yes... A woman President can become a vision of reality for our country.

  • George - 1 year ago

    Well, it’s hard to believe that a woman could get elected mayor of Mexico City. So, who knows?! More power to her. If that’s what she wants, I hope she has a good run.

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