Do you think other narco figures will sue for unauthorized use of their images after La Reina del Pacifico's legal victory?

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  • Brad Boner - 1 year ago

    Well, it appears my Expat Peeps have pushed this poll question to the other side of the aging, saggy bed. It's okay to opine on Uber and taxis and Mexican politics, but my Peeps know better than to enter the realm of Cartel discussion. Why, Maria, they are so brave on most other Mexico topics. Come on down, Bob! You too, Helen!! Have a say, buddies!!!

    As for me, I'd say the legal business in Mexico is somewhat like the legal business back home in the states. You fight in court to save yourself or your reputation, yes. And, of course, here in Rising Aztlan there are the friendly judges and the friendly head of state, Mr. Lopez Obrador, who happens to push a "hands-off" approach to all things drug cartels.

    Will they sue? Maybe and maybe not. Why identify yourself as such, right? Unless the money is big, you say. Well, yes. But what reputation are the cartel types protecting? Geez, Louise. Have we "mainstreamed" our ever-present, bloody cartels now? Well? No opinion, Joe?

    Life is easier when you don't stick your nose in the "manly" issues of the day. My comfortable Expats are going full-mollusk on this one, and, yeah, who can blame them? They too like to eat, shave and shit. It's like I always said, "You don't stick your dick out where it's not wanted." You protect it and the Little Woman at your side if you have one will protect you by telling you to stay far, far, far away from poll questions like this one. Yeah.

    Boner out...

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