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Which Non-Profit should recieve the proceeds from the SWPL T-Shirt? (Poll Closed)


  • Heather - 14 years ago

    Thanks for doing this

  • Tamara - 14 years ago

    In regards to Barry's comment above, the average interest rate that a Kiva field partner charges is about 21%, and only partners with microfinance institutions that have a social mission of lending to the poor.

    The nature of microcredit " small loans " is such that interest rates need to be high to return the cost of the loan. Microfinance is an expensive business with high operating costs (making very small loans with no collateral to individuals living very far apart), which is essentially the reason small loans are not provided by large banks.

    While's Field Partners do not bear the cost of capital or the cost of default, they do bear transaction costs and currency risk. Charging interest to entrepreneurs enables our Field Partners to bear these costs and achieve self-sustainability.

    Before microfinance institutions, these communities were only served by loan sharks, charging up to 300% interest on loans.

  • Barry - 14 years ago

    DON'T pick Kiva - they're just too shady for me. Yes, KIVA is a non-profit, but Kiva doesn't actually give out any loans! They partner with local loan providers around the world, which are for-profit companies. You have to poke around a bit on the Kiva website (check the FAQs), but they admit that their partners are charging 30% interest! People like us donate money to Kiva free of charge, Kiva hands it to the loan providers, who charge the people we're actually trying to help 30% interest to use our free money? That's a little crazy - please, somebody start a version of Kiva that doesn't operate like this.

  • Really? - 14 years ago

    A needle exchange made the top 11 out of 500?

    Nothing like donating my hard earned money so degenerates, sex fiends and wastes of skin that can't control themselves can have clean needles and condoms.

    C'mon. Maybe preload those syringes with bleach and clean up the streets a little.

  • B - 14 years ago

    Why don't we take care of our own here at home before we start sending our money to folks in other countries? I don't mean that these all aren't great ideas or that the children of Uganda aren't in need, but we have plenty of children here that need our help too. Vote for the Greenville Free Clinic. It's basic health care to those who really need it. If you vote for the international causes, you lose your right to protest injustice at home.

  • whodareswings - 14 years ago

    The church of Morris Dees:
    How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance

    The SPLC neither needs nor deserves a donation from T-shirt buyers here.

  • alyssa - 14 years ago

    invisible children is the most worthy!! such a great cause - just bought the bracelets & stories from the online store.

  • Joyce - 14 years ago

    I donated to Heifer Intl several years ago, and then started receiving huge, full-color, heavy stock printed brochures several times a year. What a waste of my donation! They never got another dime from me. In evaluating a charity, always look at their fundraising costs as well as executive compensation. $1,766,067 in professional fundraising and $1,815,735 in executive compensation in 2007.

  • martinX - 14 years ago

    I voted for the International Justice Mission because Superman, Green Lantern and all the other Superfriends need our help.

  • ken - 14 years ago

    I don't know the other candidates well, but do not vote for heifer. Only a fraction of their money goes to actual charity, with most proceeds going to people in arkansas (probably their executives)

  • G - 14 years ago

    so, i am literally in tears to see... the sector of the population that could hurt the rest the most if not aided, deserves no help? let's not forgettnhat HIv got its first hold in IDUs and strengthened from there to infect the entire population. ALL of these causes are worthy, but can your local user find help or sterile equipment at a church? a hospital? Our most well-proven breeding ground for deadly disease remains the most neglected. take care of your users, and they won't generate another killer virus.......
    Start or support a needle exchange!

  • J. Kemp - 14 years ago

    Most of them sound like PC, New Age BS to me. Maybe I'm not "white" enough.
    I vote for the Salvation Army.

  • deb - 14 years ago

    I work with juvenile girls involved in sexual exploitation/human trafficking. Children of the Night is amazing...they REALLY use all their funds for these girls and helping them make it out of that lifestyle/torture.

    Go CoTN!!!

  • Rosie - 14 years ago

    OMG! How white of me! Lol ...they are all worthy causes but we don't need a dead Barack! I'm jus' sayin'

  • Mark - 14 years ago

    Vote for!

    Microloan programs like Kiva have a had a beneficial impact in many developing countries. Instead of a handout, Kiva uses loans to help people in need. This allows people to take their destiny into their own hands without being dependent on the government or an NGO. Also, Kiva has a near 100% payback record. Meaning everyone who receives a loan pays them back.

    BTW, Invisible Children was a great program at one point, but it is now outdated. The war they are protesting has ended a long time ago...

  • Ed - 14 years ago

    Why not let t-shirt buyers select the charity of their choice from this list of 11?

  • Senor Doug - 14 years ago

    Whiter people love the SPLC. charity in the cause of self-reliance.

  • Rosie - 14 years ago

    Southern Poverty Law Center gets my vote. They are working to alleviate the white supremacy movements. Considering we will have Barack Obama in the White House in less than 25 days has never been more important to work to educate people in this regard. Don't believe me? Click on the links below. The second link is not for the tender-hearted. *Caution*

  • Laura Peterson - 14 years ago

    Invisible Children is the most worthy!!

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