Do you believe there should be age limits for candidates running for the United States presidency?


  • Arizona Kalde - 6 months ago

    70-75 & a cognitive aptitude test to make sure you're of sound mind.

  • Kendall Bincet - 6 months ago

    70-75 and need a mental ability test done before running for the Presidency and that goes for all of congress members. Also need term limits on every elected personnel to a government office including judges!!!

  • Yvette - 6 months ago

    They have to be tested for mental and physical regardless of their age. And their doctors have to report to the people and not to the President. We have Biden in the WH and he is clearly incompetent and his Dr gives him the physical test only!!!!

  • Daniel Metz - 6 months ago

    I believe mandatory annual cognitive testing should be applied after a certain age or health condition. If you think someone is too old then vote for someone else. I’ve known people in their 90’s that are sharp, and for example John Fetterman’s health condition, Diane Feinstein‘s condition are not worthy. Clear concise decisions are necessary so test them all.

  • Alicia - 6 months ago

    I voted I’m not sue because I think there could be a very great president past eighty but I think there needs to be a cognitive test done on any candidate no matter what age. I know people that are spry in their 90’s but I know some that struggle in their 60’s. So if each candidate is tested there would not be any discrimination going on because of age.

  • Janice Lambert - 6 months ago

    President Reagan, I believe, was around 80 years old during his presidency and was of sound mind. He was one of the strongest and best leaders of our nation! My father was still in very sound mind at 80 years old, and continued to be until about 6 months before his death at age 88. Biden, on the other hand, is obviously not of sound mind! Everyone is different. We must examine every person individually.

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