Do you think BC's new minimum wage is too high, too low or just right?


  • Emmet Fitzhume - 11 months ago

    Pay the employees what they are worth. There are those workers who work their butt off and not shown any form of praise or monetary value. If it wasn’t for the workers there would be no business.. they deserve better, employers.. please take the time to know your workers and encourage them show them they are an asset. Pay them well you will have a great business.. pay them minimum you will get minimum work

  • Megan - 11 months ago

    Yes I agree with Robb there with what he said it's hard that we're living pay cheque to pay cheque we aren't able to save and the cost of food is so expensive

  • CF86 - 11 months ago

    If I can't live off of it then it is simply not enough we all know that the people who set the minimum wage are not having to live off of it and expect you Mr and Mrs tax payer to keep shelling out money without standing up for yourself and telling them to f**k off and they will lose their hands if they are ever caught screwing with your wallet or hands on your hard earned money

  • Robb - 11 months ago

    Maybe take the over paid CEOs of ICBC , BC Ferries salary cut in by 90% and divide it among the under paid of the province, who actually deserve it

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