Do you think the School Police Liaison Officer program should be maintained at Vancouver Island schools?


  • S Drever - 3 months ago

    I can’t think of a better way for students to view the police in the very best possible light. They come to the schools to help with the various programs (athletics/band/choir), to interact with staff and students. They become a person that a student can go to if they’re uncomfortable with a teacher or a parent or another student.

  • Dave Gordon - 3 months ago

    Any school board that drops the police liaison program is not listening to those who elected them. Why are we so concerned with a few parents ( not students) who think the police are out to disrespect them? If they are law abiding students and parents, they have nothing to fear. It is proven that police in schools is beneficial and the vast majority of voters are not being heard. And now, with word that gangs are targeting school students, it is even more imperative that police have a presence in schools.

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