Would You Leave Time Warner Cable if They Lost Viacom Channels?


  • GRACE FARMER - 14 years ago

    Why anyone even WANTS Viacoms' programming is beyond me. It's only junk programming.

  • Brian - 14 years ago

    I'd be overjoyed to leave TWC the second there is another reasonably priced option in LA.

  • TurboFool - 14 years ago

    I'm with Time Warner and I'm sticking with them. I've always been happy with my service, and I'm not going to leave due to a ridiculous negotiation. And I'm leaning toward taking Time Warner's side on this one. I don't think Viacom's playing nicely.

  • Atreides - 14 years ago

    I am a TW customer and am not leaving because this sort of "negotiating" will and does happen to U-verse, Comcast, Direct, Dish, Grande, Fios, etc. It isn't about TW or any other company, it's about 2 corporate giants fighting for revenue in a trying economy. I am happy w/ TW and have been for a long time. I also had Satellite and little complaints, but like the TW customer service better. Now w/ Uverse, I will not give in to them b/c they are trying to buy my "vote," by giving me money. U-verse looks attractive, but in the end, they will do what all capitalist corporations do, raise our rates to make up for "buying all of their customers." If you're happy, why move? The channels will be back and all you lost was some time that could be used by playing w/ your kids, working on a project, play dates, sports, etc. In the end, the corporate giants need all of us for them to stay afloat and there is no need to make a knee jerk reaction. This is exactly what they want us to do and we shouldn't.

  • Eric - 14 years ago

    I'd be fine with TWC dropping Viacom if they lowered my rates. And that's the thing, if TWC does pay up, sooner or later it will be reflected on my monthly statement. I'd like to think that TWC holding out means their trying to keep my rates from increasing and Viacom is just trying to milk them for more. In either case both TWC and Viacom are just pushing me to streaming and bittorrent provided content. But will I switch?... prolly no, cuz TW is my only broadband option and separate providers always seems more expensive and more headache.

  • JKav - 14 years ago

    So TWC recently raised rates on their customers which they are obviously okay with it, but when the table is turned they are going to stand their ground? Glad I dumped TWC a few months ago.

  • Jerry - 14 years ago

    After missing several GB Packer games because of losing Fox, I've had it. AT&T UVerse looks better and cheaper. I'm going to try them out. TW is splitting off TWC in 2009. This strikes me as very bad news for TWC, unless TW is willing to spend what it takes in the upcoming round of cable/lphone/internet wars. UVerse is positioning itself to make a big run--if they will give people $200 back if they are unhappy with UVerse, then they appear to stand behind their product (assuming AT&T honors these promos). You never know these days.

  • James - 14 years ago

    The only Viacom network I care about is Comedy Central, and while all of the shows I watch are available free online, I might consider leaving Time Warner. Unfortunately, I don't really have any other viable options. I hate Verizon, and FiOS isn't available to me anyway, and I don't really want to deal with satellite. *sigh*

  • Matt - 14 years ago

    I left TWC almost a year ago for AT&T Uverse. Uverse is SO much better and cheaper, I am glad I made the switch so I don't have to deal with the BS. Locally in Austin, a similar thing happened where TWC dropped KXAN (NBC).

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