Which Google Fav Icon Do You Like The Best?

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  • random person - 14 years ago

    wow you guys really thought about that. i just saw bright colours and thought it looked pretty. lol. but then i supose thats the idea, to grab attention! haha

  • sridhar - 15 years ago

    I didn't like the new icon...some how it doesn't reflect the cleaner feel Google apps/sites create...the old one rather does that...
    I am also having tough time recognize the Google among my firefox tabs...still not used to the new icon :)

  • Irene Chang - 15 years ago

    I answered "other," but do not see the fourth option tabulated. That was disappointing. I like André Resende's version but I would simplify it to three primary colors: red, blue and yellow, per Alexander Calder. The "g" would be in white and both circles would be yellow, but since Google is a "green" company, there's your green.

  • geraki - 15 years ago

    Google's homepage is famous for its minimalistic design. The favicon should be minimalistic too.

  • Trazzo - 15 years ago

    I love the new icon

  • Trazza - 15 years ago

    I don't like the new icon

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