Where would you prefer to see the British GP?


  • nigel - 13 years ago

    send it back to its real home THE TT lets see how they cope on the roads after all we used to call it road racing!!!!!! (this is tounge in cheek I know they'll never do this )

  • jason - 13 years ago

    come on guys, we should be thankful we atleast have a motogp race to go and see in this country!!! i reckon we sould all put our brains into gear and think of another european track to take a week to ride to!! and then watch the race, then take another week to ride back home. HHHHHMMMMM yummy yummy!!!

  • adam grant - 13 years ago

    well i am very dissapoinyed at the move donington to silverstone yes alls i hear about is people banging on about the toilets at donny why do you bother to go to watch the gp when alls you moan about is the toilets. i mean come on people like that just want to stay at home and moan. i just get there and switch off and enjoy the racing but i will say rip donny and i wont be going to that circuit that you cant even watch from the side of the track.cant wait till all those improvements are done at donny it will be world class.

  • mikey - 13 years ago

    I went to donnington moto gp last year (2008) and despite the fairly poor facilities i thought the racing was top notch (scott redding in particular) and the viewing was excellent throughout the circuit. I went on my bike so had none of the mentioned problems getting in or out either ;P
    Anyway i wont be going to silverstone, for all the reasons already mentioned in this thread.
    Just a quick thought....id pay twice the money to see those gp boys take on the mountain at cadwell.....

  • Andy Fowler - 13 years ago

    Don't be surprised Donington
    Me and my wife have been visiting Donington park for some years now watching MOTO GP ,BRITISH,and SBK but your prices are too high for the facilities you have.
    On a plus side the track is superb and always great racing so stop ripping true bike fans off with over priced tickets, food,and very poor toilet facilities
    Also the track invasion at last years MOTO GP was the final nail in the coffin for future GP s

  • Graham - 13 years ago

    As far as Donington bosses are concerned the spectators are the least important part. Crap toilets and crap parking, no organisation, i.e. having to walk thru the exhibition centre in and out on a Friday when all the other gates are manned but won't even let you walk thru an empty exit gate. I could go on forever but I won't. Good riddance Donington and welcome back to the days when I used to go to Silverstone to watch the GPs.

  • Team Barney Badger - 13 years ago

    The move to Silverstone is a big mistake! The circuit is flat and boring and not a good veiwing circuit, unlike Donnington were you can many different areas of the circuit from one viewing point (much like the Indy citcuit of Brands)
    We have to put up with poor facilities at various British Circuits, but because the racing is brilliant (Like Milk!) we put up with it, will that carry on?
    Will the overseas visitors want to come to see racing at a flat, boring, poor viewing circuit in the current ecomnomic gloal climate? I and many others dont think so!!


  • John Parker-Hall - 13 years ago

    Should be at Brands...Silverstone's not a good viewing circuit and better for boring F1. Donnington needs some serious over-hauls, if it happens I will be glad to go. I went to the WSB/AMA at the Miller Motorsports Park in Utah...the place is amazing, all British tracks should be like this one. Make the trip and you'll see what I mean. Brands/Donnington are you reading this?

  • jan - 13 years ago

    this year will be my last motogp then, 2010 ill try assen.
    not supprised really once ecclestone got involved at donnington motogp was doomed, the same happened at turkey.

  • Loz - 13 years ago

    Donnington is a great circuit but unfortunatley the facilities are very poor and queues to get into and out of the circuit at the begining and the end of the GP are crazy took me 4hrs to get home last year and 3 of those were queuing to get to the motorway. The changes that are planned for the track are great but i think all the carparks in donnington need to be tarmaked and not the existing grass, the roads surrounding the circuit also need attention as well especially if the plans are to run the F1 there as well i can see it turning into a massive logistical nightmare.

    Just get it down to Brands and be done with it Paddock hill on a GP bike Bring it on

  • Hanksy - 13 years ago

    I'd still like to see it at Donington if the new improvements work out but Brands is a great idea its a fantastic track. Silverstone is without doubt the worst track in England for viewing and entertainment. Its only fit for bulldozing

  • Barts - 13 years ago

    How about forget these two and get it down to Brands Hatch.

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