Who do you think should be No.1


  • The Truth - 2 months ago

    BG did everything they could to schedule thay matchup. Why doesn’t anyone ask Liberty’s Rich Muraco (the Southern Nevada Coaches Association President) why he REFUSED to approve that game? Using a lie that Nevada’s high school schedules wouldn’t work, when another Nevada coach approved the schedule adjustment. FYI, he’s tried everything to prevent BG from playing any top games; it’s been all over Las Vegas news.

  • Adonis Trinidad - 2 months ago

    Your facts are incorrect Gorman and Mater dei worked to find another Date to play but neither team had an open date. Gorman doesn't seem to dodge anyone playing mater dei Bosco Miami central chaminade Madonna and St Thomas Aquinas all in past 6 yrs. Further more they have played #5 central, #13 Centennial and #19 Corner canyon and #39 Long beach Poly. Doesn't sound like a team dodging anybody. They will meet next year

  • BJ - 2 months ago

    We would have had a MD/BG matchup if the latter hadn’t chickened out on playing in Santa Ana this season. “Oh, NV rules said we had to play an additional in-state game this season.” Uh huh. So you conveniently chose the MD game date. What a coincidence.

    We all know why, of course: Bc if you couldn’t beat a young MD team last year in Vegas against a better BG team than you have this year, we all know what would’ve happened against a seasoned MD team in Santa Ana against this year’s depleted BG defense and no Zach Branch.

    And why is the Cen10 game a poor barometer? A) while BG put up more points on Cen10 than MD did, Cen10 put up more on BG than the 7 offensive pts MD gave up, B) MD played Cen10 *at* Cen10, C) Cen10 and MD know each other so well that there’s nothing that either can surprise the other with and D) the Cen10 turnovers. Taking A-D and the fact that this year’s MD is better than last year’s (and this year’s BG is weaker than last year’s) into consideration, the BG as #1 argument is very weak.

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