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Do you know or suspect that a provider used AI in a recent encounter with you? (Poll Closed)

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  • HISJunkie - 10 months ago

    Most practices still use/require faxes, so do you really think they will implement AI in this century??

  • Yesterday's tech, tomorrow! - 10 months ago

    In light of last week's question, based on the amount of paper I must repetitively fill out at my primary care doctor, I'm confident that there's no AI, and less "I" overall in the back office.

  • Furydelabongo - 10 months ago

    I do think AI has been around a long time in the case of providing healthcare. Drug interactions, critical values, the Cochrane Library, etc. I understand it's not the same as asking Chat GPT to write a term paper. Maybe AI is too general a term to apply equally in all settings. I think clinical decision support was one of the first expressions of AI.

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