Do you support the decriminalization of small quantities of illegal drugs?


  • Freedom is absolute or not at all - 9 months ago

    Junkies overdosing and dyeing is a problem that will solve it self when there are no more junkies left to overdose and before you bitch about perspective I used to be addicted to drugs myself for 10 plus years before I got clean and sobered up and have been down that road and walked in those shoes and all you do gooders and well wishers can piss off and get their heads out of their ass and just let them die from their life choices and the decision to put a needle in their veins

  • Roger - 9 months ago

    The government has no business getting involved in handing out street drugs / trade up for street drugs ,, then wondering why so many more people are dying on the street . The current system sucks , let’s help these people , wake up people before it’s too late ,, sad

  • Scott - 9 months ago

    BC adopted a harm reduction approach in the late 1990 and the deaths have only increased. They used to advocate for a four pilars approach: Prevention, Treatment, Harm reduction, and enforcement. However, they've only promoted the Harm reduction pilar, ignoring the other three. We need Prevention, Treatment an Enforcement !

  • AJ - 9 months ago

    Decriminalize.. really? doesn't matter if it happens or not there will still be drugs.. It will still kill people. The government is just putting a band aid on a wound that will never heal sadly.

  • Bobby - 9 months ago

    Really , that’s where it all begins , haven’t we had enough drug related deaths lately , we really need to stop the insanity and build proper care facilities . The system the government is condoning is a complete failure, flop houses don’t work ,

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