Would you support building homes on golf courses, in urban areas, to help address the housing crisis?


  • Trod - 2 months ago

    Build more golf courses , our population is getting lazy and could use more exercise, walk 18 holes, do it

  • Hmmm - 2 months ago

    Less green space, what a stupid idea.
    Just makes the rich richer

  • AJ - 2 months ago

    More recreation areas.. This must be what desperation looks like

  • CF86 - 2 months ago

    Absolutely develop the golf courses it's not like you are saving any forested areas that haven't already been deforested to build the golf course to begin with the land should absolutely be put to better use to build hospitals, schools, homes, etc etc things that will actually benefit our communities not just a bunch of pre developed land that barely gets used or enjoyed by the majority of our population seems pointless to not use the land for the sake of a couple dozen boomers wanting to play golf it's not like there are not going to be no other golf courses for people to play at

  • Jazz - 2 months ago

    Less people. More golf courses.....

  • Tritons Mom - 2 months ago

    Anyone else surprised that a contractor/developer would say this:
    I just don’t think that golf courses belong in urban settings,” says Luke Mari of Aryze Developments.
    My response is:
    We live on an island in a serious earthquake zone! Enough with the developments on this island that also suffers drought, has limited sources for water and again, WE ARE EXPECTING AN EARTHQUAKE HERE!

  • Gerda - 2 months ago

    Leave the green spaces alone. Enough wildlife is being displaced with current developments and wildfires and these animals have nowhere else to go except into populated areas and they are being destroyed because we can't share with them.
    Why doesn't the government look at all the unused office space they have since many government workers are working from home, amalgamate all the offices into one or two buildings and then utilize the office building for the homeless. We, as taxpayers, pay for the office space and as a taxpayer, it would probably be less costly to renovate an already existing building. Services for the homeless could be on the ground floor of the building.

  • Ann - 2 months ago

    There is only a select few that use rec centres and parks so should the inner city build housing there too? What a dumb idea to build on golf courses. It gets people out to exercise.

  • Al - 2 months ago

    I can't believe this is even being discussed. I only golf a few times a year and this is NOT acceptable.

  • Knobby - 2 months ago

    Amalgamation is the key ,,, 13 mayors , councils , multi work yards , multiple school boards , police stations ,, we could free up acres and acres of property to build more housing and most importantly proper care facilities for our most vulnerable whereby we could free up all those flop house motels/hotels for , you got it more actual housing , but unfortunately all the redundant mayors and their cronies would lose their kingdoms ,, we had better wake up before it’s too late ,,,,, Stu Young where are you

  • 1312 - 2 months ago

    Better that than deforesting everything in sight (Bear mountain) for example I'm sorry but a bunch of self entitled boomers playing golf is not a priority when the land can absolutely and should be put to better use

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