Should BC Ferries be penalized when sailings are cancelled due to staff shortages?


  • Margaret Maclennan - 9 months ago

    The way BC transit and the Ferry service hear and I use the word service loosely as it’s almost no service.
    It would not be exceptable in any other developed country
    Only Here in Canada would there be a privet corporation that is so heavily subsidised by the tax payers it’s all most beyond words that it’s permitted I don’t understand. It’s completely and utterly Retarded. I don’t like thinking about the pathetic way it is here as it literally makes me sick so I don’t normally think about it as nothing will be done about it.

  • CF86 - 9 months ago

    Build a fucking bridge from the island to the mainland and guess what no more need for the ferries problem solved

  • Tr - 9 months ago

    Ferries should permanently reduce the number of sailings per day and then thry would have sufficient staff

  • Hmmm - 9 months ago

    BC Ferries is the taxpayers however we had no say in the sweet deal governments hand out in way of contracts and bonuses, so yes Penalize the CEO, make an impact on the performance, or lack of it

  • Curtis - 9 months ago

    Why bother , the tax payer pays for their losses as it is , rather redundant, kinda like BC transit

  • 1312 - 9 months ago


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