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Which of the following non-job issues were the main reason you left an employer? (more than one answer OK) (Poll Closed)

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  • DrWho? - 8 months ago

    Left because hospital administration expected me to work with a colleague who falsely said he had a PhD--when he had an MA--a violation of state licensing laws.

  • Not Joseph Smith - 8 months ago

    Although it wasn't my primary reason for leaving, one tech company had an extremely strong bias towards one faith. Although their policies were nominally neutral, the attitudes and culture were palpable, and you could tell that you were a 2nd tier employee because you didn't follow the same beliefs.

  • ex-HHC - 8 months ago

    I left for a better job opportunity but afterward I found out that my boss was spreading rumors that I was taking kickbacks from consultants we hired.

  • Jen - 8 months ago

    I violated “unspoken protocols” which were also unwritten. I asked for guidance on how to avoid violating these protocols and was given nothing.

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