Who Should Host MSNBC's New 10pm Show?

  • Alex Pryrodny - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur.

  • cillian Lynch - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur. I would not consider anyone else.

  • Dobson - 13 years ago

    This polls is biased for Sammy boy. Add the Young Turks - Cenk Uygur!

  • james bunyan - 13 years ago

    cenk uygur must get on your poll evry other poll worth voting in has cenk on it and wining by more votes than all the other candidates put together, if you dont add cenk your poll is meening less, get with it polldaddy, or lose any relevance.

  • steve - 13 years ago

    Come on, Cenk Uygur is by far the leading candidate and he's not even on your list? Rosie O'Donnel? Michael Moore? Are you really serious. This is not a real poll people!

  • melkor - 13 years ago

    Where are the Young Turks?
    Cenk Uygar??????

    He is winning all the other polls and you don't include him in yours....

    COVER UP>>>>>

  • Shawn - 13 years ago

    Cenk for the win! It would definitely persuade me to watch cable again.

  • Bill - 13 years ago

    Where is cenk uygur from the young turks

  • Pat - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygar for the msnbc timeslot

  • tom - 13 years ago

    GET CENK UYGAR ON.......this isnt a poll until cenk gets put up there TYT

  • Kevin Ward - 13 years ago

    CENK UYGUR!!!!!!!!!

  • Carabelli - 13 years ago

    2 things: How are the Young Turks not on this list? And how could Alam Colmes have 6%??

  • JJ in CNY - 13 years ago

    If MSNBC takes any of this input into account, I'm sure the comments are more valuable than a "stupid" poll. Television presence (personality, viewability) as well as voice - for more than just one or two shows - is at least as important as ideology and survey popularity. Of course they should be knowledgeable and willing to do the hard work everyday in order to stay that way, and i would like to see some decent balance and fair play. That said, there are a few names here that I think would be worthy and should be given a try if they haven't already, and a few that I can't believe would even be considered; Seder, Donahue, Huffington are good bets.
    But I'm still not going to get a television and signal.

  • galherb - 13 years ago

    Its gotta be Sam Seder. Between listenging live and podcasting, I haven't missed a minute of Sam Seder's shows in around 4 years (Break Room Live, Maron v. Seder, Seder on Sunday, and Sam Seder Show). He is the most entertaining, the funniest, and among the very smartest political comentators out there.

  • CSInvestigtor - 13 years ago

    I want Cenk Uygar and the Young Turks to get the slot on MSNBC.

  • WolverineDG - 13 years ago

    Nancy Skinner!

  • steve - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur would be great. He definitely should be on this list. Rosie O'Donnel? come on, who would actually watch that? She is what is known as a "has-been" Not many other good choices. I hope MSNBC has extended their reach far beyond THIS list. Stephanie Miller is by far the best on the list though.

  • Grant Peters - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder! Who in the Sam Hill voted for Alan Colmes?!?!?!

  • TruuthSeeker - 13 years ago

    1. Randi Rhodes

    2. Thom Hartmann

    3. Sam Seder

    4. Mike Malloy (no face for TV)

  • Jean Fox - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder would be the best fit. Thom Hartmann is the most professorial, but Sam is perfect for 10:00 and I MISS HIM

  • Ali Vafaee - 13 years ago

    Sam is the man. You must be kidding to put Lou Dobbs & Greta Van Susteren in this list.

  • JAM - 13 years ago

    I'd put Sam Seder and Marc Maron on together. They live up the screen together! You can watch their Web show every weekday at 3 pm EST at www.breakroomlive.com

  • Ryan Wood - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur of the young turks needs to be on this list. i did not vote because i don't agree with Cenk not being here. lets get TYT on MSNBC!

  • rick - 13 years ago

    The Young Turks should certainly be added! Cenk would add great passion & intelligence to the network. Sam Seder would be a great pick also!

  • Brendan - 13 years ago

    TYT!! Get Cenk on MSNBC!

  • Michael J Foley - 13 years ago

    The Young Turks should be on the list and my vote goes for them.

  • eric - 13 years ago

    It's Randi Rhodes time to go primetime, This is her time to go big time on the tv, MSNBC would be a perfect fit.

  • MH - 13 years ago

    No one brings his A-game stronger than Cenk the Tank!

  • ihavenobias - 13 years ago

    5 Reasons To Choose Cenk Uygur Of The Young Turks:

    1)-He's made huge inroads with New Media. The TYT youtube channel reached over 63 million views in 18 months which is astounding for anyone familiar with the format. Cenk would represent an inevitable and invaluable bridge between cable news and the internet.

    2)-Building off of #1, Cenk could bring in an untapped, younger demographic. You know, all those young people who got involved this last election aren't necessarily interested in listening to yet another old white guy on TV.

    3)-He's had an insanely impressive guest list which includes: Rachel Maddow, Arianna Huffington, Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore, Alan Greenspan, Grover Norquist, Howard Dean, Naomi Klein, John Cusack and way too many others to name. Imagine who he could get on MSNBC?

    4)-It would add some diversity. Viewers are ready for change, and that includes the aesthetics/background of their talk show hosts. After all, we did just elect "Barack Hussein Obama".

    5)-His style and delivery are very different from both Maddow and KO. And he's proven his tv presence with his stints on CNN-HN, like when he defended Gen. Wesley Clark's McCain comments.

    PS---Even if he doesn't get the job, this resume should be MORE than enough to give him a platform as a guest pundit on existing shows.

  • Dharma41 - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder - intelligent, insightful, hard hitting political expose & analysis, leavened with satirical, sometimes sardonic humor. What could be better?

  • Bob - 13 years ago

    First vote is for Seder, second choice would go to Cenk Uygur if he was on the list and you could vote for a second choice.

    But more importantly, who should they NOT hire? Not to assume MSNBC will screw this up, but just yesterday NBC had Olbermann and Patrick yet wasted a ton of airtime letting the fracking midget run the show. There is some history here (cough *Imus* cough) but hopefully MSNBC has learned to respect their viewers.


    Lou Dobbs - Rascist whackjob. When he finally snaps, his neighbors won't say, "but he was such a nice man" -- like everyone they'll say "saw that coming"

    Alan Colmes - Why not Chuy Bravo instead? Seriously. Well, at least far more serious than Alan Colmes.

    Greta Van Susteren - Before entering negotiations, MSNBC should demand the Scientologists explain whose body they used for her brain transplant. And she would have to apologize publicly for OJ and Faux News under Bush -- pretty much the two biggest journalistic crimes that didn't involve covering Bill Clinton.

    Thom Hartmann - I'm guessing Chris Matthews would love this choice so that Tweety would no longer have the worst political instincts of the evening rotation.

    Rosie O'Donnell - I'm guessing Chris Matthews would love this choice so that Tweety would no longer be the most annoying. On second thought, he probably would still reign supreme but would have to try harder.

    Stephanie Miller - Even the Mooks would probably agree she sucked when she had her tryout after Imus.

    Rachel Ray - Oh, come on. When you saw a list of who not to give a TV show you knew she'd end up on it.

  • LB in Portland - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur...hard to say, harder to spell...easy to listen to and watch. Bring Cenk to the TV.

  • ScareAmerica - 13 years ago

    I say Soupy Sales.....that lineup of libs is sooo typical of MSNBC....unfair and unbalanced coverage is the mantra!!

  • AirAmerica - 13 years ago


  • Alex Z - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur. Sam Seder and Tom Hartmann a distant second.

  • Willbearsmom - 13 years ago

    Another write-in vote for Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. For some of those you did put on the list, are you kidding? Lou Dobbs? Greta? Rosie? Colmes? How about blech? I'd rather listen to my toddler scream for juice for an hour straight than listen to any one of those four, and I hope none of them are under legitimate consideration.

  • Detroiter - 13 years ago

    I'm not sure if anyone here has ever heard of this guy, but Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks would get my vote.

    Wait a gosh darn minute... you have, you have heard of him. So, why isn't he on your little list? More over, why in the world would you have Rosie O'Donnell up there? Have you ever heard her do progressive radio? I mean I love her and I find myself aligned with her personal politics, but she is horrible on-air.

    Lou Dobbs? Are you on crack? Besides, doesn't he already have a show?

    Alan Colmes? Didn't he have a show that sucked? Oh yah that's right, he was that progressive poser on FOX noise channel.

    Looking at the other names on this list makes me think that not much thought was put into it. You could do much better, which is why I'm going to pretend that I didn't see this poor excuse of a list and allow you a do-over.

    So don't disappoint us, I had better see Mr. Uygur included in your next attempt and for heavens sake eliminate Rosie, Alan and grandpa Lou.

    Good day!

  • JHS - 13 years ago


  • Jojo - 13 years ago

    TYT! Gooooooo Cenk Uyger!

  • Keeping it real - 13 years ago

    I would love to see Luke Russert host a show that included young students’ opinions from colleges and /or youth interest areas around the country. Harvard, Howard, USC, or Stanford, MIT and Cal Tech etc. for technical, John Hopkins, Maharry (SP), Duke for medical, etc.depending on the schools focus and the topic of the day. It does not have to as political as much as it has to be real and honest. Special guess could be the Sec. of the area discussed with the most impact, I.E HHS, Dept of Education, Dept. of Energy and so on. I think you see what I am saying.

  • wht - 13 years ago

    BreakRoomLive => transfer it over to MSNBC. It's already an hour long show.

  • Fernando - 13 years ago

    SEDER would be best.

  • OldGerman - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur! He's a personality of international format, with fans all over the world.

    He's American. He's a Turk. And he's a man.

    Don't be a loser. Select Uygur!

  • Jmach1JP - 13 years ago

    >>>>------> SAM SEDER

  • ronald t - 13 years ago

    I think a panel format would be excellent. The two best interviewers are without doubt Cenk and Sam. Both are smart and quick-witted. They could have a rolling group of press and other talkers in groups of three or so ala McGlaughlin except with a dual host. Sam could sit on the left of the group and Cenk on the right(he used to be a Republican).

  • cynthia - 13 years ago

    You need to add Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks to this list!

  • Calkoon - 13 years ago

    Why isn't Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks on that list!?

  • Doug - 13 years ago

    I say none of the above. Why must it be a known media or show biz personality? Why not have an average person who may represent the way million of us think. I am burned out on the same old blah, blah, blah types who talk and never listen and are not open to new ideas. I think I am just the right person for the 10 PM hour on MSNBC.

    I am an independent. I have lived all over the county and world and have voted for both democrats and republicans. I am retired from the USASF and a major defense contractor, but I never voted for Bush nor supported the war in Iraq. I am not the traditional military man. I have a passion for politics because it is what runs our country and not because it is a game the most politicians seem to make it.

  • Jay - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur from the Young turks should be on this list. Shame on you msnbc.

  • Joey - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur for sure.

  • Russell - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks. He would be perfect for this. Watch him on youtube.

  • 7loki6 - 13 years ago

    Of the potential hosts listed Sam Seder would be the best choice but the field is wider than those presented.

    Of those not listed, Thom Hartman and Randi Rhodes are better choices but they have their places in their own radio shows (as does Stephanie Miller) that are regular parts of my day. Don't mess with a good thing.

    Cenk Uygur is already doing a show on the interwebs/ radio/ youtubes that I tend to watch in that general time slot. It's an absolute natural fit. He is by far the best choice bar none.

  • Chris - 13 years ago

    another vote from Cenk from TYT

  • Petitveritas - 13 years ago

    It should definitely be Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks! And Cenk (pronounced Jenk) should be on your poll. Look at the success of using fresh new talent like Rachel Maddow. Cenk provides depth, freshness and is highly entertaining.

  • David Dickinson - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur! Cenk Uygur! Cenk Uygur! How is his name not on this list while so many mentally- and personality-challenged people are? Not to mention Rosie O'Donnell. I mean, really, who takes her seriously? Alan Colmes? Puleeze. Lou Dobbs? Isn't it time we started looking for intellectual integrity?

    Cenk Uyger, or (in the alternative) Sam Seder. Both of these people have strong minds who can entertain, educate, and inform.

  • cent - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder has the best combination of political wonk and humor than anyone one on the list. This is essential to carry a late night political talk show. Not only does he keep us informed with what is going on in the world, but helps us laugh enough not to loose our minds over it.

  • Ryan - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks would be a wonderful pick. He's a great host and really gets to the heart of problems without letting idiotic biases taint the facts he finds. Cenk passion combined with his presence and intellect would make him a fantastic choice.

  • Diglass - 13 years ago

    Cenk from the young turks all the way, and ANA and the rest of the crew!

    Ariana Huffington would be a great co-host, but cenk is entertaining and smart, with Ariana she's very smart, but not so entertaining.

  • madhatter - 13 years ago

    Why not Cenk Ugyer from The Young Turks? He is one the freshest commentary and entertaining new faces around.

  • iancal - 13 years ago

    Connie Chung (hehehe)

  • j steckline - 13 years ago

    Thom Hartmann. Has more knowledge, than most in this group.
    Does research, keeps current, knows history of politics, can debate, not afraid to disagree but has manners. Has lived and worked abroad.

  • dirtdiggler - 13 years ago

    maybe they will pick up donny deutsch

  • Chris Painter - 13 years ago

    I had voted for Rosie, but after reading the comments, I have to agreee that Stephanie Miller would be excellent in the time slot. You are right, it is bedtime and we are ready for some laughs.
    Please, no Ed Schultz. He is just annoying. Phil Donohue should bring in viewers, but I also agree that Sam Seder with new young ideas and voices might be a ratings winner.

  • Joanne Goodwin - 13 years ago

    I think Phil Donohue had an excellent format when he had his show on MSNBC. He always presents both sides of an issue, represented by intelligent people, and as he played 'devil's advocate' to spark debate, he never talked over anyone and neither did his panelists. Everyone was respectful, while being very informative. Unlike Fox hosts, he never tried to hide his political persuasion, but respected differences of opinion and invited them.

    I also think Ron Reagan and Thom Hartmann would be excellent. Both very much up on the issues, affecting all of us.

  • NYLefty - 13 years ago

    Thom Hartmann should have been included in the poll. He says that HE (not Ed Schultz) has more listeners than any other progressive radio show and he would be more likely to keep Rachel Maddow's audience than Schultz (who would be more at home at Fox than at MSNBC).

  • Ron - 13 years ago

    Stephanie Miller
    It's 10 PM, time to laugh. Thats why the late night talk shows work.

  • anunnymuss - 13 years ago

    I love Keith and Rachel, but I resent the idea that this show has to have a strong leftist POV like Randi Rhodes (or God forbid Ed Schultz).

    Someone said when Maddow's show first debuted that "this is what MSNBC wants to be when it grows up". Well now's the time to put away childish things like shouting down dissenters.

    John Riddley. Sam Seder. Maybe a panel show with some smart, less ideological panelists like the Capital Gang or McLoughlin Group (but with younger, more astute panelists). But dear god, not Rosie O'Donnell or Michael Moore, or Colmes. Just a smart, young up and comer.

  • Bryan - 13 years ago

    Randi Rhodes !!!

  • Mike Medeiros - 13 years ago

    If they can afford it they should try to lure Ted Koppel into a cintract and let him develop his own format for 10 pm. They need a marquee name with clout.

  • Tom in nh - 13 years ago

    Ed Shultz just moved his radio show to Washington. Obviously, with his status as the #1 progressive radio host in the country, I imagine he is looking for that slot, and he is not included in the poll. I bet he will get it.

  • Rick - 13 years ago

    John Ridley!!! Politics & culture.

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