Would you support more corporate sponsorship for city run buildings, facilities and programs if it meant lower taxes?


  • 1312 - 2 months ago

    Our government is run by colonial capitalist pigs who's only concern and goal is generate personal wealth at the expense of other people which makes our government just as bad if not worse than any communist countries either way we live in a dictatorship only difference is we believe in electing our dictators as they are all still bound by the same corrupt rules and regulations and policies that govern the different political parties and that makes this country an electative dictatorship we get to choose the tyrants that will be our political leaders it's not like we are given the option to vote no confidence on a ballot we are literally forced to vote for corruption or not vote at all when do I and other voters get to vote for real change in this country?

  • Hmmm - 2 months ago

    NOT, All we need is more Jimmy Pattison group or save on anything written as advertising by the super privileged who can pay to spread their name, NOT

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