When driving, do you regularly speed?


  • CF86 - 2 months ago

    Anybody who drives will speed at some point while behind the wheel and anyone who says they don't is a flat out liar but to be honest it's the driver's who will purposely drive 10 or more under the limit and not pull over to let the pile of cars they created behind them pass that get under my skin Speed doesn't kill it's the abrupt stop that gets you...

  • AJ - 2 months ago

    You mean the speed limits signs are not suggestions?

  • Hmmm - 2 months ago

    Speed by 5 to 10 kms over depending on 50kmh or 90.
    Looks like most responders aren’t being honest and do go over by at least 3 km/h

  • S Gonzales - 2 months ago

    Hard to speed in Victoria, with the construction on every street , bike lanes , roads where you have to play chicken , people walking on “ don’t walk crosswalks “ etc. etc.

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