Would you follow the ABCDEF plan?

  • eir - 13 years ago

    Hahahha, how stupid! I'd NEVER follow such a 'diet'. Anyway, I don't think she looks THAT great, it's not worth it :p

  • manda - 13 years ago

    No alcohol or fruits? No way.

  • Karen - 13 years ago

    I'm 56, and am 5'8" and weigh 118 lbs. I have never dieted in my life
    I make this homemde mac and cheese that is too die for and I eat it
    Cause my motto is you can never have too much cheese. I do not and
    have never eaten, sugar, taters or bread. I have never liked them and
    still dont. Never was a big fan of red meat either, and I exercise 5 days
    a week. I also eat healthy 6 days out of seven. You have to have one
    day where you can eat whatever you want. that doesnt mean a mass
    quantity. And I used to be about 15 lbs lighter when I was younger
    and here in the real world it aint pretty and I didnt like it, yes I ate it
    was just the way I was and am so glad as I got older I filled out some
    Being that thin is no better than being overweight. neither look good

  • Reem Asaad - 13 years ago

    That's a stupid and unhealthy diet. It's counterproductive in every way. You can't cut out macronutrients, and furthermore you cannot cut out fruits that contain essential vitamins and minerals, not to mention all of the nutrients that starchy carbohydrates contain. Heidi must be retarded to follow a diet regime so backwards, and in the end, she will not be able to maintain this pseudo eating disorder and will gain back all of the weight she lost and then some.

  • Tracie - 13 years ago

    What exactly does she eat?

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