Should the SPCA be allowed to help capture the Coombs wolf-dog?


  • CF86 - 2 months ago

    I can't believe people are being outsmarted by a dog even if it is half wolf it makes me laugh and wonder about the true meaning of intelligence and how people clearly people don't possess any seems like the score so far is man 0 wolfdog 1

  • Cathy - 2 months ago

    Only if they help, they have to find someone who has the ability to look after it and care for it and I’m sure there is someone out there that has the knowledge to care for this animal.It is just trying to survive the only way it knows how,let's show some compassion, please!

  • Hmmmmm - 2 months ago

    Not if their going to kill it,
    Makes me laugh that people think it’s a blood thirsty killer and killing everything in its path. It’s a dog/ wolf and has a chase instinct. I have blue heelers, they do too. A small dog on the leash or not is a game for this animal. If you don’t want an encounter in the woods then don’t go with your little dog, simple.
    Leave it alone, simple. We are way too privileged

  • S Doo - 2 months ago

    Unfortunately for all concerned, the person that dropped the wolf dog off to fend for itself took the irresponsible way out of his obligation to the wolf dog , if found the human that left the wolf dog on its own should be charged with animal cruelty on many levels ,,, sad

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