Do you want Nicole and EJ to bring up Sami's baby?

  • kirstenfan - 13 years ago

    Change the poll to "Do you want Nicole to bring up Sami's baby?" That's the issue at hand. EJ's the father even if Sami just conveniently forgets this and tries to dump the baby on Lucas, Rafe or a bunch of nuns. She's lost her damn mind.

  • Lois - 13 years ago

    Are you people insane? Wishing a baby DEAD??

  • Sister Mary Margaret Rose - 13 years ago

    I have been watching Days of Our Lives for 48 years .... yes indeed ..... and
    I have had it with your Baby Switching Themes. This is beyond ludicrous.
    Besides, Sami's baby is really Lucas' and both Lucas and Sami need to be together. I'm aware that Days is drama ..... but baby switching is getting old on Days ...... Viewers like to have quick resolutions and some realistic life situations at times. I can re-assure you that others like me feel the same way. Sure Rafe is cute and a good mate for Sami .... but the family unit needs to be preserved. Please allow Sami to found out that the Baby's were switched .... I am sure you have plans for Mia coming to Nicole's and kidnapping Sami's baby somewhere in the near future and perhaps going
    to Japan ... Please allow some happy endings in a timely fashion. Thank you. Sister Mary Margaret Rose

  • Dymondgurl - 13 years ago

    I hate that Sami has any ties to "the prince of darkness..I meant Dimera".
    I agree with the post above..I hope Johnny turns out to be Lucas' and that the baby Psycho Nicole stole dies. Get Sami far,far,far away from the Dimera clan. I am loving her with Agent Hernandez they are my favorite couple on the show. Rafe is good for Sami. I honestly can NOT say that about Lucas or "the prince of darkness". She dropped the zeros and got herself a HERO!!!! Go Sami !! Go Rafe!!

  • Devil_Doll - 13 years ago

    I want Sami's baby to die and with any luck Johnny will turn out to be Lucas's so all connections between EJ and Sami are gone, i want her with Rafe and I want them to have a baby of their own.

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