How many Republicans will vote for the stimulus?

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  • Maria - 11 years ago

    "The GOP must go along because they have no other ideas." You have absolutely no clue what is in this plan. If it creates any jobs, it will be temporary. Enough time to put some new grass in at the national park.
    You obviously were not listening to the Repubs. They HAVE another idea. GIVE MORE MONEY TO THE PEOPLE AND LESS MONEY FOR PAYOFFS! The plan as is stands will ony make grass look better in the National Park and give governement more control and very, very little in tax cuts for the people.

    As usual, the Dems DO NOT care about the Republican idea and DO NOT care about giving the Americans tax cuts. If they gave us REAL tax cuts, we'd have money to spend or invest.

  • Kenneth in Alexandria - 11 years ago

    The GOP must go along because they have no other ideas. This plan will work because it will allow among other things states to buy from small business and help small companies expand and create new jobs.

  • Vermont Neighbor - 11 years ago

    "Just because we are voting in this poll does not mean we agree"

    Absolutely. This number should not encourage Obama, as he lives and breathes for adoration and submission. It merely highlights the number of people who are angry as hell and will consciously work between now and 2010 to remind legislators that Obama is way off course with his socialism.

  • Ron Hellesvig - 11 years ago

    As a Conservative I am having serious doubts as to the dedication of our Congressmen and Senators and how they are reprsenting their constituents. Hopefully the voters will give them a wake up call in 2010 and 2012.

  • Jack Peterson - 11 years ago

    Just because we are voting in this pole does not mean we agree! It's a sad reality that the Republicans are turning into RINOs and selling the country out. Learn from Israel: appeasing your enemy will not guarantee peace. Appeasing the liberals will not bring togetherness as it only works one way: it's their way or no way!

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