Where do you buy your ebooks in 2024?

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  • Anne Seebach - 1 month ago

    Until this year I purchased mostly from Booktopia, sometimes Kobo, and very occasionally from Google. Booktopia wasn't on your voting list, but is an excellent Australian bookseller. Sadly though, they now use Kobo as their ebook platform, and Kobo seems to have very quietly made a change to their ebooks at the beginning of this year, that makes them impossible to read on ANY platform other than their own Kobo ereaders or App. As I don't actually want to note go purchase a Kobo reader, I'll be trying out other stores such as ebooks.com. So far they seem to have a very good selection, and in looking guard to dishing the love across some of the other stores listed in your survey. I hope you'll bring dong a more in-depth review of ebook sellers soon!

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