Do you own shares or equity in a health IT-related company?


  • Demo Chic - 2 weeks ago

    I have equity in multiple startups where I've worked, but zero hopes of actually realizing anything from the blood, sweat and tears contributed. Maybe a nice-to-have boost in retirement but doubt they will ever amount to anything.

  • Furydelabongo - 3 weeks ago

    From the early days of healthcare IT I learned a lesson of volatility. Either people were looking for start-up funding or some way to shore up an acquisition. I thought Novell would remain a leader, Token-ring was bulletproof and Microsoft could change the warehouse infrastructure with Azyxxi. I watched Technicon go public, private, public, public, private and so on. It became apparent that investing in facility construction or Pharma were more rational places to stay pace with inflation. There are always exceptions to my observations but none who will see my limited investment dollars.

    Signed, Risk Adverse

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