Do you listen to local radio?


  • CF86 - 3 weeks ago

    Not since I spoke with a local journalist who writes articles for certain local media outlets and they explained how the government censors certain articles and subjects because they simply go against what the government wants you to hear you can't trust the news to be honest or neutral on most subjects they do have consequences for what they write and say even if it is the truth

  • John - 3 weeks ago

    Don't always like the music but listen mainly for local news

  • Charlene - 3 weeks ago

    I do have many fond memories of listening to a local radio station , however currently when I do listen to a radio station it’s based on the mainland Mountain FM .

  • Lisa Sheppard - 3 weeks ago

    I love listening to the radio sun fm Duncan or nanaimo wolf , music weather and sports on am

  • No Name - 3 weeks ago

    Not for about a decade. I am actually surprised cabke tv and terrestrial radio are still around. Nobody I know has had either one for a long time.

  • Lorena Rose - 3 weeks ago

    Don't think about taking away our local radio stations. You big corporations and money hungry shareholders have taken enough from us.

  • Hmmmmm - 3 weeks ago

    Local, as in Seattle 99.9

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