Do you support multiple national anthems?


  • margaret allison - 3 weeks ago

    I'm an immigrant married to a service member now retired. I'm proud to stand for the national anthem of my adopted country and all the benefits of living in this great country. Maybe more people should travel to other parts of the world to appreciate all the freedoms and benefits they take for granted, here in our world. Yes there are flaws and always room for improvement but that doesn't even begin to appreciate all that's here. People should wake up to the fact there are no free rides anywhere in the world! You have to work/earn money and learn how to get ahead. Seek it out, stop expecting it to be handed to you. Give 110 percent and ask for opportunities so you can get ahead. It worked for us!!

  • Connie - 3 weeks ago

    Aren’t we already divided? We need nothing else to divide USA. We are one. We are United. The ones in the WH continue to separate us, DONT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE

  • Laura Kirksey - 3 weeks ago

    Where's the HELL NO button?

  • Ken - 3 weeks ago

    It is interesting to me that people who really want to divide this nation insist on anything that is new or different. Then turn around and try to castigate others for their lack of respect for the thing that is new. Well I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of every day. Their were only two flags the State flag and the American flag. Each and everyone of us are Americans We were taught at home and at school to be proud citizens, to work and play hard and to consider ourselves fortunate to live in a land that outsiders were voting with their feet in order to live here. Even so at that time there was pressure to change the way we thought about America.
    Unfortunately the changes the communists were wanting then are upon us now. It is not a god day for American men and women. If we don’t stand against this nonsense and push back against this communist agenda in 5 years our freedoms will be forfeited and the destruction of America will be complete. There is a reason that the U.S. is not mentioned in the Bible, we are not here.

  • Kathy cowles - 3 weeks ago

    This is ONE country, AMERICA. Our national anthem is enough. They can always go home and have their national anthem in their own country.

  • Ruby Eschete - 3 weeks ago

    What’s next the Spanish national anthem. Then the Chinese national anthem. Then one for every group of people in our country. How can we be “United” unless we all share,honor and respect the same Anthem.

  • Dave - 3 weeks ago

    Its a pretty silly question to those who understand what USA stands for

  • Alicia - 3 weeks ago

    We are suppose to be the UNITED States of America, this is just another way to divide us. There is only ONE national anthem.

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