Do you rely on walk-in clinics for your health care?


  • CF86 - 1 month ago

    A good portion of these doctors come from war zones and violent countries and will have way more experience dealing with severe traumatic injuries than any doctors that have been taught or trained in this country that's for damn sure

  • CF86 - 1 month ago

    We have the second longest wait times in the country and we keep refusing doctors who have been schooled and trained in other countries the ability to work here I was unaware that Chinese and Indian and other groups of people were biologically built different they must have 5 kidneys 6 livers and 3 hearts for the doctors from these countries to not be qualified to help people in this country or is it just our government doing as little as humanly possible and wanting a pat on the back for what little they have done seems like the doctor shortage problem could be solved overnight if we just let these people work and practice medicine as they have already been taught and trained to do.

  • Fred Green - 1 month ago

    I gave up on walk in clinics. Can't sit there for one or more hours to see a doctor. Why is it we Canadians can afford to send hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars overseas but w Can't afford family doctors ?

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