Should there be universal $10/day daycare in BC?


  • JJ - 1 month ago

    $10 a day is great, but at the end of the day someone pays , as usual the poor old tax payer gets it up the tailpipe again. The system is set up for the average person to fail , back in the day a family could get by on one salary ? Not now

  • Freedom is absolute or not at all - 1 month ago

    We should drop all our kids off at the parliament building and make the politicians provide the daycare themselves although the kids are probably smarter and would be providing more supervision and daycare for the the adult politicians remember little kids don't lie and will repeat everything these idiots said behind closed doors lol

  • P Emm - 1 month ago

    I thought it was rather unfair that the man you interviewed had 2 kids in $10/day daycare (both he and his wife worked) while so many single mothers can't even get a space for 1 child for the $10/day rate.

  • CLM - 1 month ago

    Is the plan to keep daycare at $10 per forever? Minimum wage is almost $17 per hour. With several care givers each day $10 won't even cover 1 hour for 1 employee. I think the daily amount should be reconsidered.

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