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Have you scheduled an in-person medical visit purely online in the past year? (Poll Closed)

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  • Demo Chic - 3 months ago

    Even though all my appointments are with a single academic medical center, I can only book about 1/3 of them online. Some of the departments haven't begun to offer online scheduling, even though they've been live on Epic for more than 5 years. Then again, this is the same center that's not following industry best practices such as collecting the copay at the time of the visit, so who knows when they'll get organized.

  • No because ... - 3 months ago

    No because they claim to offer that option but it didn't work. Thus a portal message and 3 phone calls were needed to schedule an appointment.

  • Midwest Nice - 3 months ago

    Took 25 seconds from portal app login to fully booked and confirmed app.

    And @ WI Guy - the question is about how you *booked* the appointment, not whether it was online/in-person.

  • WI Guy - 3 months ago

    Why not the option of “No, because I prefer in-person visits as it’s safe and most effective.” ?

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