Should Sprint Release the Palm Treo Pro With the Palm Pre On Its Way?


  • Brian - 13 years ago

    I will be getting one of these two phones within the week. With no expandable memory (sd card) option and lack of applications on the Pre, I am actually leaning toward the Pro, even at the same price point!

  • Artreice Westmoreland - 14 years ago

    Sprint should put them both out. People may have preference.

  • debbie - 14 years ago

    i think that more is better. in addition to the pre and the pro i think they should also continue to sell the centro. some people want a fancy looking phone that is easy to use and low cost; for example my mother uses the centro with no problem but the pro and pre look more complicated and she wouldn't even try to use it. btw, she doesn't use the internet, she only listens to music and reads ebooks.

  • OG - 14 years ago

    Where are the comments from those who voted "No"? I want to hear what they know that Palm doesn't, since they think Palm should alienate those who use Windows Mobile, either by choice or necessity.

  • bud - 14 years ago

    notice how theres more 'no's but no reasons? provided theres only 6 replies but still... "why not!?!?" i say...and i dont need any other reason than that. its all about the consumer and consumer choice. even if they make bad ones but there is no perfect phone so provide people with different sets/subsets of features to fill different voids (that's what she said)

  • Ben English - 14 years ago

    Absolutely they should. The market is segmented enough to support both devices--you've got your corporate monkeys who are anchored to a Win Mobile environment, and then you have . . . the rest of the free world.

  • Aaron - 14 years ago

    Put them both on the market and let customers choose the model that's right for them.

  • D Heim - 14 years ago

    They're two different phones, to start, there's a known market for Windows phones... and at a time like this, Palm needs all the money they can get, and you can't tell me for one minute that the Palm Pro won't make some money.

  • OG - 14 years ago

    Hell, yeah. There are a lot of people who would like the user-friendliness of a Palm with the compatibility of a Windows Mobile device, and would like a step up from the 700wx. Bring it on!

  • sk - 14 years ago

    Palm should keep one WM phone until the pre comes out and impresses. If the pre doesnt cut it then at least they will have a wm device to fall back on. If the pre blows us away then they can phase it out.

  • Jared - 14 years ago

    They should. It is a different operating system and it does not have a sliding feature, which many look for in a phone. I would consider buying either of them, except they are on sprint, which is a huge problem. Move them over to Verizon and we'll talk.

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