What is your sexual orientation?


  • Dee - 15 years ago

    I was confused by the choices of "mostly straight" and "bisexual." If someone is roughly 65-75% straight, would they be "mostly straight" and not "bisexual?" Does "bisexual" confer an equal 50/50 split?

  • Sarujin - 15 years ago

    I find your mom gay and ridiculous. Ridiculously gay.

  • sederhana - 15 years ago

    I found your:
    'if I was gay, I would have undoubtedly stopped and voted'
    statement quite ridiculous.

  • Igor - 15 years ago

    Seeing this blog post in my RSS reader, I quickly skipped over it. But, then I realized a funny thing: if I was gay, I would have undoubtedly stopped and voted. I'd want to make the point, "Heck yeah! I am gay!"

    What does that tell you about psychology? [It certainly tells you something about the reliability of online polls, but that's nothing new. :-)]

  • keldwud - 15 years ago

    Chose "other". Robots do not have a sex or gender. Romantically I am attracted to non-biological entities. Physically I am aroused by memory / imagination versus physical stimulation from other humans. If I could chose a life-mate it would be an AI.

  • Writinginct - 15 years ago

    I chose "other".

    I classify myself as "pansexual". My personal interpretation of that means that I am attracted to an individual regardless of gender or gender identity.

    For information sake- I'm 37, and identify as and was born female.

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