Will Sirius XM Radio Go the Way of the Dodo Bird or will it bounce back?

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Posted 10 years.


  • r g - 8 years ago

    dump howard stern. it will save you millions & make a lot of customers happy !

  • Dewey Rawls - 10 years ago

    My wife and I have called XM several times to renew our subscription for another. Each time we call we are talking to someone in another country with poor english that doen't seem to understand what we want. We called once again tonight to try again. This time we waited over 20-minutes before anyone answered, when they did their english was not very good. We asked for a bill to be sent to out home so we could sent a check for a year. you would not believe the trouble we had trying to relay this. After finally getting them to understand and get the address right, we were informed that there would be a $2.00 charge for sending a bill. I imediately hung up. Good Bye XM, hello FM. Dewey Rawls, hickory, NC / I have never tried so hard to pay a bill in my life..

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