How would you rate Justin Trudeau's performance as Prime Minister?


  • Freedom is absolute or not at all - 6 weeks ago

    We need politicians that are not representing a foreign British crown we will never see real changes in this country until the laws and legislation that governs all of the political parties of this country are done away with we need to cut the head off the snake as the saying goes these people do not represent the land or the people on it...

  • Peter - 6 weeks ago

    Poilievre is a scary guy ,,, tread very carefully…

  • CLM - 6 weeks ago

    Who is the alternative? The fear mongering TRUMP wanna be? No thank you.

  • Hmmmm - 6 weeks ago

    Thanks for the massive trans mountain debt, sarcasm
    Thanks for the legal pot, gratitude to deal with the poor decisions and laugh at the circus our parliament is

  • Ron - 6 weeks ago

    Be very careful what you wish for ,,remember Brian , Stephan,,

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