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If you simplify/reduce/prepare for a Peak Oil/Global Warming future... why?


  • Katrien - 15 years ago

    Hi Roy,
    true, none of the Rioters will vote on the second poll. None of my readers in general have either! I think that's a good sign (?).
    I made it so you can vote for all choices, and I voted for more than one as well. I didn't want people to have to think about which reason is the most dominant: that makes it much more complicated.
    Thanks for voting!

  • Roy - 15 years ago

    Flaw in the poll:
    I agreed with most of the Why you do and found that I was able to vote for ALL of the choices instead of just one.
    People who read 90% reduction will not vote for any of the Why you don't choices.

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